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    Gold Gun Help

      I've been recently trying to get the MK14 gold and I was wondering what strategies people have used to get point blank and rescue kills.

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          For the point blank kills, I recommend holding yourself back from possible close up shots. For instance, if you sneak up on a camping sniper, that can be a easy point blank. Rescue kills are hard to get since they only happen in certain situations. I recommend playing either Domination or SnR/SnD. For Domination, you know where everyone rushes ( B ), you could be lucky and rescue someone there.

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            For rescue kills, have a buddy use recon juggernaut and just kill people who are shooting at him.  Or try heavy duty modes.

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              rescue: play DOM in core mode only(in hardcore, its not gonna happen). make sure you are on B flag(even better if your team is ALWAYS losing B.


              point blank: be stealthy in choke point areas, listen,follow,kill.