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    Tranzit EE search party ps3

      need 2 people to do ToB then search the map , I haven't had a chance to really search and investigate.Just like other people I think there might be more, I know people have been looking for months and no one has ever cracked it. I get that im a year late but jimmy's tweet from a couple weeks back, plus more recent tweets have got to me and I have to look!! also if anyone has any ideas I would be happy to hear them, also I know there has been tons of old threads about this and Im making this one because I highly doubt I would get any people to help from old threads. ill be on around 9pm Pst  add psn- RGCAG22 thanks for you time!!

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          Re: Tranzit EE search party ps3

          Proudly I am on xbl so sadly we cant connect but i like you attempting to reopen the forum to ideas and put jimmy in mix. Which tweets have you thinking? I personally think his pic tweet of the fire is the fireplace in the cabin on tranzit and his caption is Help! What should i do? Ive tried tons in solo but honestly I think the Help is a clue that it cld be a multiple player thing but i never find anyone online to search. Im also not convinced the church is out of bounds bc the monkey trick why would it not register ob like every other ob place we throw them?. So many questions and wwhat I beleive is great is we have a years worth of ideas to retry a years worth of clues to ponder that may reveal something in  the entirety of all evidence found so far.

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