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    Players backing out of games - Cranked especially

      This has always been an issue but in the recent clan war it was really highlighted by what happens in Cranked.  Cranked as a game type is not a bad one in concept but in practice its terrible.  What kept happening is you would be rolling and then everyone backs out leaving 1 or 2 people in the room.   You end up going to full time hunting down one person and everyone knows each time they kill him there basically going to die because you can't find him again in 30 seconds.


      We wasted tons of time in the Clan war capturing cranked hunting down backed out lobbies and on top of it taking needless deaths because of how the game works.


      This is an issue with all game types and really there is a very very simple fix!  When more than half of the lobby backs out the forfeit counter should come on and for the players that did not back out they should not get charged with a Loss.


      This minor adjustment would satisfy everyone, this way people don't get stuck in games with no players wasting time and the players that get shafted by being on the other team don't take a crappy loss  it might even keep more players in the games and stop so much dashboarding.


      Either way without a fix of this nature I will NEVER play cranked unless its in a clan war.