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    When will rushers realise...

      that all they are doing is rushing to mutiple deaths and a loss. I generalise, I know. There are some very good rushers out there, but hear me out.


      As a solo player I get thrown into a lot of matches already underway. The majority of the time (9/10) I find I am on the losing side. Instead of immediately selecting a class, I will always spectate. Guess what I see? Rushers. Die, respawn, sprint for five seconds, only to die again. Rinse and repeat. I can honestly say that most of the time I can see why somebody else felt they had to leave the match. These players nearly always have very high sensitivity and are using speed perks. But the truth is they are set up beyond their competency level. In other words they simply cannot cope with the setup.


      There are many who believe CoD is meant to be fast paced. If you compare it to say Battlefield then I would agree. However, there is no law or unwritten rule that says you must use all the speed perks at once and have sensitivity set to 15. Likewise there is no unwritten rule or law to say you should camp.


      If there is any form of unwritten rule I would say it needs to be to have sensitivity and class set ups that you can use effectively. Don't be a sheep or lemming using what you think you should be using because you think, or have been told, that's how the game is meant to be played. Only use what your level of competency allows. If it means using a low sensitivity and stealth perks so be it. All the perks are there for a reason, to be used. As time goes by and you gain experience you can experiment and try other options. But starting low and finding your feet and level is key to avoiding many frustrating matches.


      Anyway, this is not meant to be a lecture, just some friendly advice to those out there who for whatever reason find themselves constantly going negative and losing matches.

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          1. Re: When will rushers realise...

          No one is good at something when they first start it. The only way to get better at being a rusher is to rush. Over time you will learn the maps better so you know where you can run flat out, and when you need to take it slow.


          With the amount of spawn killing that I see going on, you really need to be able to rush when you first spawn in just to get out of a spawn trap.

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            2. Re: When will rushers realise...

            The same thing can be said of campers also. What you should change the title to is "When will dumb dumbs realize" because as long as you play stupid, you will get handed your butt whether you are camping or rushing. I think the only reason we see more complaints about campers is a lot of rushers are some of the younger crowd who were never allowed to lose as a child. As long as you never learn how to lose, learn from a loss and learn to adapt, this is what we get on COD.

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              3. Re: When will rushers realise...

              True, but a Formula 1 driver didn't jump straight into a car capable of over 200mph. They normally begin in karting and work their way up. Same is true with CoD. I see too many who think they can run before they learnt to walk.

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                4. Re: When will rushers realise...

                It funny how people can be so determined to emulate their favorite guy by running his setup that they don't ever find the time to learn the setup that works for their skillset.  I know for myself I can handle the speed perks but when I'm playing Cranked I find the Cranked state of being to be a bit beyond me.  It throws me off plain and simple.  So outside of running to the next area at full speed, I do all I can to minimize the effect of being cranked on my gunplay.  Otherwise I just find myself over adjusting and having a hard time staying on target.  Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is important to being successful.  Just because a particular setup works for Joe YT famous doesn't mean that it's the best set up for you.

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                  5. Re: When will rushers realise...

                  With all the camper bashing I felt the need to raise the ugly face of the rusher.  Mindless rushing with set ups beyond your competency to handle is, IMO, actually worse for CoD than a camper. That said I'm not defending camping. Sitting in one room all match is no good for the game either.

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                    6. Re: When will rushers realise...

                    Spot on. This exactly my point, find your personal level and be honest and true to yourself.


                    I can run succesfully with the speed perks, but I know if I do then I have to keep sensitivity low. Otherwise I can't keep on target and just end up spraying and only getting kills by pure luck.

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                      7. Re: When will rushers realise...

                      You should never compare two completely different things.


                      Lets face it, no matter what play style you start out with in COD, you're going to be bad. It takes time to just learn the game mechanics let alone what style fits you the best.


                      Now with that said, people that don't learn from mistakes are dumb. If you're getting slaughtered over and over the same way in the same match, you need to try and change up your play style in that match. Sometimes that helps, and sometimes it doesn't. It all depends on the players skill level vs the opponents skill level.

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                        8. Re: When will rushers realise...

                        I wasn't comparing two completely different things. i gave one example to illustrate that whatever you do in life you start with the basics and work up.

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                          9. Re: When will rushers realise...

                          I've been playing on Default sensitivity on every CoD I've ever played. I do fine with it, when I feel I'm hitting a rough patch, I switch up the gun I'm using as I find that usually seems to re-invigorate me somewhat. I'm wondering how long it'll be til the Fad stops working out for me... Had a lot of success with the CBJ too, love that little gun

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