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    -HELP- Can't Connect To Public Matches

      Hello Everyone.


      I Have Had This Game For A While And Have Never Been Able To Connect To Any Public Matches, I've Had The Game For About 6 Months Now And Only Ever Been Able To Connect To Public Matches At Friends Places.


      Here Is My "System Info"


      System Info for Call of Duty Black Ops 2: ZM

      VERSION NUMBER: 39 [41.1503.3.1656332]



      BANDWIDTH: 903Kbps

      IP ADDRESS: EXTERNAL: 180.181.xxx.xxx, INTERNAL:


      ONLINE ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


      I Would Really Like To Play Online, I've Only Been Able To Have About 4hrs Total Online Time (Want To Get My K/D To Positive :3)


      Anyways Thanks.



      EDIT: I Remember I Was Able To Play 1 (ONE) Day Online Custom Games (Just Trolling Round) On The Multiplayer Free Weekend!


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          Re: -HELP- Can't Connect To Public Matches

          Hi M1N3RM1K3,


          I received your message but that it would be best to respond to your post as it may help other users.


          I remember back in October you had an issue with connecting to Black Ops 1 but stated there may have been an issue with the router or blocked ports.


          I see the NAT type is Moderate which allows some but not all communication between your game and the server.  You should try establishing a static IP address and port forward. Activision Support .  Also, please provide us with the results of a Speed Test Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test .


          Additionally, are you on a broadband connection or satellite?  The game does require a broadband connection.  You may encounter connection issues on a satellite connection.  3G/4G, hot spot and satellite connections are not considered broadband and are not supported.


          Regards ^AH


          Moving this to Support Black Ops II Technical Support

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              Re: -HELP- Can't Connect To Public Matches

              Hello @OGHuxtable


              Thanks For The Reply, I've Tried The Forwarded Ports And The Static IP But I Still Can't Connect To Any Public Match. (I Left My Computer All Day Trying To Find A Nuketown Forever Match (Always Filled With People) But I Was Still Unable To Connect To A Public Match.


              Here Is My SpeedTest Result: Speedtest.net by Ookla - My Results (PS. The Ping Isn't Ususally This Bad. It Usually Hangs Around 600-800 (Bad Weather Lately.) (And It Occasionally Disconnects (Sattelite Re-Boot)


              And Yes I'm Still Running My Sattellite Internet. And That Time I Was Playing With My Sattelite Internet (Multiplayer Free Weekend) It All Worked Fine Just A Bit Of Lag (I'm Fine With Lag, Just Shoot Earlier And Make Sure The Shot Is lined Up Right)




              EDIT: I Have Also Noticed A Ton Of Players With High Pings Able To Join (When Over At Friends Place)

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                  Re: -HELP- Can't Connect To Public Matches

                  Hi M1N3RM1K3,


                  Thank you so much for providing the speed results.  It appears your ping results is pretty high.  Because of the high ping it you'll encounter issues finding a matching.  Good ping results should be around 50ms or less.  Again, the game does require a broadband connection.


                  Regards ^AH

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                Re: -HELP- Can't Connect To Public Matches

                Just FYI. when you capitalize every first letter it makes it hard to read what you are saying.


                Have you tried for example resetting your Xbox to factory settings and just trying to connect online in ANY game ?


                Have you gone into the Xbox Live connection screen on your Xbox and tested to see if it connects to your router / modem at all ?


                Has your console been banned from Xbox Live ?


                You may have gone thru this before but can your Xbox connect to your online connection at all and detect the Xbox Live servers ? Dont worry yet about connecting to a game just try FIRST connecting to the servers.


                I am not in Tech Support , I dont work for Activision, but if you want to PM me go right ahead.

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