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    Suggestion for an S&R variant!

      The thing I love most about S&D and S&R is the fight to eliminate the enemy team. That is what got me thinking of this.


      I propose an idea for a game mode called Sweep & Clear, or S&C.


      It plays exactly like S&R. Killed players drop tags. Pick them up to revive or eliminate. Just a classic round-based, elimination mode. Same round limit and time limit per round as S&R, but WITHOUT an objective. Without bombs and bomb sites. If the time limit of a round ends and both teams still have at least one player alive, 30 seconds are added to the time limit and a constant sweeping radar activates, showing all players (regardless of perk choice) in a form of sudden death. If both teams still survive, the round is a draw and the next round begins. Like S&D and S&R, teams will switch sides at halftime. Like S&D and S&R, this mode will have a maximum number of rounds set at seven, and whichever team reaches 4 wins will win the game. If by the end of the game (after seven rounds), both teams have an even number of rounds won, the game ends at a draw.


      I think it would be a very simple mode to implement (even though in my words it sounds complicated), and it could be popular with the community. And I love the name.

      Thoughts? If you guys can help it, don't post blind negativity without thinking of whether or not it would actually be beneficial. It definitely would be a lot more popular than Hunted for example, yet we still have Hunted.

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          Re: Suggestion for an S&R variant!

          Interesting... but two variants seem enough. Knowing this community the last two players would just be camping in corners hoping the other will show up. Without the objective, it would degenerate to that. Heck, with the objective it often comes down to that.


          I think TDM is good for folks who just want to take out the enemy team without the objective.

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              Re: Suggestion for an S&R variant!

              I appreciate the feedback.


              Here's where the danger of the final players camping would be mitigated however. I proposed a final 30 seconds of sudden death where all players are lit up on radar. Similar to how the final two players are lit up near the end of a One in the Chamber match. If both teams still survive, that round ends in a draw.


              As for two variants being enough, I definitely did think of that myself. I thought "no one would probably like this simply because it would crowd an already full set of playlists." Then again. This would be Search without bombs. Killing, and that's it. As for comparing it to TDM, this is elimination style. That definitely makes a game fun. I'd pay for this if it was released as DLC.

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