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    Forum Question

      It seems to me that the "Don't be Shy," "Seal of Approval," and "Thankful" forum challenges should be simple and straight-forward to complete.


      But I don't want to get in trouble for spamming threads.


      Is there a limit on what can be asked in order to complete these challenges?

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          Re: Forum Question

          When you click on 'missions' which fetches the list available up, in the bottom right corner of each box is an upturned corner with a cog, click on that and it fetches details of what to do any how many times in a 24 hr period you can do it, hope this helps

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            Re: Forum Question

            You can do them in one day but than the points of making a question thread won't count anymore.


            For the best point worth way is 2 a day.

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              Re: Forum Question

              If it becomes apparent you're spamming and marking threads as questions for the sole purpose of boosting your points, those threads will be unmarked as such and removed if necessary. Asking what color the sky is or the answer to 2+2 is not a valid question to be marked. This also applies to opinion based threads considering there is no one correct answer.


              The purpose of the question/answer system gives members an incentive to provide solutions to legitimate issues, not to buy your way in to the OT castle.


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