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    THe OT is so cold

      all people do is rate me badly because they judge me by my past. yes I made a leadership thread but imo it was a brilliant idea that would serve the ot community well but it got shot down so fast I guess you all like governing yourselfs in your own little groups. You need to put the flames away and treat each other with respect, inculding me.


      people need to calm down with their differences ( tox and izj ) ( tox and kwam ) (dutch and me ) we should all love each other like brothers. and sisters ( sungirl).


      Lets become a classy little group of people where there is no hate but constructive debate and intelligent ideas.


      That is my dream for the OT a peaceful little utopia of happy people running away from the chaos of the ps/xbox/wii sections. That is all.


      STay classy off topic.