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    k/d ratio

      what is an average k/d ratio ?..mine is 0.61 with 110 hrs played i consider myself an average player .(no B/S please ) and what do you call an average K/D ratio ..favered games free for all /kille confermed ..

      soory about spelling ...

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          1. Re: k/d ratio

          i would say anywhere around a 1.0 is average. i will say that i see ALOT of people with sub 1.0 KD's that play alot better than that.

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            2. Re: k/d ratio

            Mine is currently 0.86 but it is low because i tried every gun available when i first started, for at least a whole match until i found the gun that was right for me.

            I would say that im actually currently at about 1.5 - 2.

            Its a shame it cant be reset so i know my actual current ratio

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              3. Re: k/d ratio

              I to chopped and changed weapons, i think you have to look for whats good for you . my kill ratio per match ranges from 4 to 17 depending what I'm up against  .like last night up against the whole team with shotguns ,every time i shot them 2/3/times they just shot once (your dead )trying to increase K/D RATIO without much luck .any tips would be appreciated . apart from pos changing weapons again ?(pos reflexes  not sharp as they used to be ha ha ..

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                The best defense against shotguns is to not let them get close to you.  Past that ARs are the easiest to learn in Ghosts.  If you are looking for short to mid range kills the Honey Badger and the ARX are both good.  If you prefer longer range fights (which I recommend if your reflexes are slower) then the AK-12 and Remington are really good.  If you mix it up at all ranges I personally like the SC-2010.


                To answer your original question, most folks don't have a 1 kd.  Most folks that are considered to be good players when you are playing with them have around a 0.8 to 0.9 kd.  The guys that are 1-1.25 are actually really good players and the guys above that often will make your jaw drop at how good they are unless of course they've been doing things to inflate their stats.  In those cases your jaw will drop at how bad they really are.


                Your kills and gamemode choice tell me that you are probably situationally good but only in limited situations.  Which means that you've got the raw foundation to develop into a consistently good player but you still have some learning to do.  Those of us that have been around for a few years were in the same boat that you are in when we got started.  The key to getting better is first to learn what you are good at and hone that style of play.  Once you've mastered it you can work on peppering in some other styles of play to broaden your skillset.  But I'd start with just finding a weapon that fits you.  Learning what it is good at and what it isn't good at is important.  It will help you decide on what routes to take and what fights to not engage in.  Every weapon in the game plays a little differently.  So finding that one that just feels right may take some time and as your skills develop you may find that a weapon that doesn't fit you today may end up being one of your favorites down the road.  But it all starts with the gun.


                From a perk standpoint, I would suggest staying away from speed perks at the moment.  If your reflexes aren't tuned in they will likely throw you off your shot more than they can help you.  I would suggest Focus (it will help you win gunfights), Blind Eye (if for nothing else to keep you off of the Oracle), and Off the Grid.  These will make you relatively invisible to most things and you can complete it by putting a silencer on your weapon.  The idea here is to maximize your stealthiness in order to give you the most time to set your aim before engaging in a gunfight.  If you have a headset, you may even want to give Amplify a try but sometimes it can be more of a distraction than a help.  I personally prefer Dead Silence when I want to be able to hear the enemies coming but not let them hear me.

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                  5. Re: k/d ratio

                  Thanks for that ,Will Take all advice on board you have given me some good pointers to try (thanks again) it shows there still is some good gamers out there willing to help .and not slate you ..Regards ..

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                    6. Re: k/d ratio

                    The average kd is 1.10 - 1.25 ? It all depends on your style of game play, example - running & gunning vs camping? What sensitivity you have your controller set on (you may want to adjust it) , what perks you use, what weapons you use is relative to the map (small map use shotgun / sub machine gun - large map use assault rifle or LMG , there are a lot of data points to your kd not just how long you have played. I hope this helps you understand there are a lot of considerations that go into a KDR.

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                      Another good thing to do is stay to the outside of the map and pace yourself. Great tips from phxs. You could try a vepr silenced with grip and dead silence, off the grid, amplify and sitrep (?). You may want to try an assault rifle for range on bigger maps. Good luck.

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                        8. Re: k/d ratio

                        I'd say your k/d is good for an average player.


                        Mine is only a .68, but I was really bad when I first started. It was only a .33 for the first week.

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                          9. Re: k/d ratio

                          having lower than a 1.0 in my book is below average, it means you die more than you kill ( if we are talking about kd) i would say a 1.0 is average.. means you on average go 1 for 1

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