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    a new ot group

      TimE is everything nobody can halt time from passing. no matter what u try and do you will never stop aging and the earth will continue to move.


      I create this group because the arrogant Wind members voted me down for being a "idiot" which is nonsense and because Sand would never accept me because of a dutch guy who dislikes me even though i was elected through democrasy.


      Time will become the new OT group that will be known and will become the most OP thing in the history of this land. It will make sand and wind irrelivent to the forum becauce nothing can compare.


      i dont want this thread to start any flame wars from the members of the 2 groups so please have civil discussion with me. thank you.


      i will accept most OTers into my new group and yes if any sand or wind members would like to join i will happily accept you into TimE.


      i want to directly invite










      you can accept if you want but i really dont get why you would decline. time is op and you cant even deny it in the slitest.


      anywho as the TIME continues to pass by we will get stronger than the 2 combined. THANK YOU ALL.


      Now foxy likes civil people so respect that because i dont want this thread of knowledge and CLASS to be turned into a play ground for all of you to dump your teenage emotions in.


      Stay classy off topic.