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    Phrases people use/acting out/stop it...


      Panic Knife - If someone pushes down on there thumb stick or "b" button to knife you and they "KILL YOU", then it was done deliberately.If they "SWING & MISS",then they panic for not gauging the distant properly.


      Try Hard - NO SUCH THING... Either you're trying to WIN or you're NOT(means you're a LOSER).NO ONE is just going to lay down and let you kill them over and over.You're not that good,no one is.


      Head Glitching - NO SUCH THING... It's not a "GLITCH" to shoot at someone from cover that protect you.If you're kneeling down or stand up from a cover spot that protects you while your enemy is exposed that's good planning.


      You're So Bad! - This normally happens when someone (a higher K/D person is being killed over and over by a lower K/D person) is killed in away they feel is cheap.Someone hiding in a corner,laying out I.E.D.'s etc.,grenade launcher.Basically anything in the game that the person being killed by hates.God forbid that someone uses anything available to them(in the game) to get a kill.I'm mean really,how good can the higher K/D person be if they keep falling into the same trap and getting kill over and over.While the lower K/D person is like,"Man,I keep killing this guy over and over,what a dumb ass...LOL"


      10th Prestigious - Take your time and stop hacking to get there.Just cause you're a 10th prestige does not mean your good.Your game play will reflex how good you are in that game mode not an emblem next to your name. 


      Days Played - Don't hate on someone who has more free time to play than you.It's a sign of jealousy,that you wish you had more time to play.


      Xbox Live Tough Guys - Just cause your using a gamertag and siting on the other side of the country doesn't make you tough.Trying to degrade someone and/or using racial slurs are a sign of deep insecurities.If you wouldn't say those's things with your mother standing next to you or your friends at school/work finding out about it then that should tell you all you need to know.Don't do it,show some intelligence and integrity.Stop embarrassing your parent they raised you better than that...I hope.


      Your K/D is Trash - K/D only matters in  FFA or Teamdeath where it directly effects if you win or lose other wise it is doesn't matter...It's pointless.If you play for K/D stay out of the objective game modes,its not our fault you can't get more than 10 kills in a game modes where your precious K/D actually means something.Here a tip,if your K/D is higher than your win/lose % your playing for K/D and your trash.Why? Because K\D most of the time has nothing to do with winning the match.The team that wants to win more usually does.


      If at the end of the match you say,"We lose but at least I'm positive",you're the worst one.


      There Camping - Camping does not exist in "Objective Based Game Modes." Example being Domination where strategy is key to winning.If one team has A and B while the enemy team only has C it's "NOT CAMPING" protecting the 2 flags your team has in order to out score the opposing team.After all the team the that has 2 flags will notice that those flags say,"DEFEND" not "RUNAWAY FROM."And the enemy team reads "CAPTURE" not "THEY'LL GIVE IT TO YOU WHEN YOU GET THERE TO KEEP YOU IN THE FIGHT".Play to Win!


      "If you want my flags then you'll have to come and take it by force,I'm not giving them away.If our defense is to strong then ask us to go easier on you."



      Why are there so many kids that don't know how to win or lose gracefully.Must be all those's "PARTICIPATION AWARDS" they handout to 4th place on down they been receiving most of there lives.


      LOL.. Sorry for ranting guys but I'm tired of hearing kids('I'm a parent) saying thing over and over cause it's popular to say when they're losing or just mad. Again your not that good there's always someone better.

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          Good points and examples. A lot of players do have bad gaming etiquette. I think we all know that most of it is thoughtless words said out of frustration. Just words that their bullets couldn't handle.


          I'll admit, the frustration has made me say some of this stuff as well. Thankfully I usually don't use a mic and make myself a fool...............in public anyway.

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            while i do agree with most of your points a few are wrong.


            head glitching is real there are spots on maps were only the top of your head is over a wall yet you can shoot through that is head glitching and its in every shooter period.


            your so bad- while i do agree this term is over used and not always factual there are plenty in the CoD community that would look like a blind 5 year old playing if it was not for the fact they can shoot a tube around a coner for a kill or double tap C4.


            the K/D argument is however you want to take it. i play HC dom and nothing really else seeing as the HC community is now the red headed stepchild for CoD and we get shafted on are playlist. that being said i have over a 2.0 W/L and K/D it matters in all game modes yes you can have a team all go negative and win but honestly how many times is that not a fluke or the fact the other team was killwhoring. also a K/D higher than a W/L doesn't mean one is playing for K/D it could mean they play solo and get a **** team or play against party's.


            as far as camping in OBJ games its there just your right its not always true camping if you keeping people off a flag or away from a flag your defending. if you in the side wooden fence on warhawk, the burnt building in stonehaven, or just somewhere in general that doesn't have to do with a objective just a different way of moving around the map your camping

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              I'd have to say I am one of those k/d players, but I do stay in tdm and ffa most of the time. When I do play domination, I play to win and don't mind guarding my flags or rushing in to take another flag, it's simply part of the game. I understand completely where you're coming from and hate it when people do most of the things on your list. I definitely have to agree with the bullying. Just because you're sitting behind some screen name doesn't mean you can bully the **** out of someone else. Although, I feel most people are guilty of this in some minute way.

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                I agree with most of what you said. I disagree with the high k/d, low w/l means you are trash. It could mean you play a lot of ffa and finish 2nd or 3rd a lot. In this game, you have to win the game in order to increase your w/l %. Yes, it keeps your streak alive, however you still get a loss. I have a 2.2 in ffa and a 1.9 in tdm, however I play solo 99% of the time, therefore I get stuck with randoms in tdm, and I finish top 3 in ffa almost always, but my w/l is only .8. That doesn't mean I suck at the game. Just saying.

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                  Another one that i've noticed getting thrown around on these forums is "casual gamers"...I am a gamer who happens to enjoy playing, and I play about 2-4 hours a night.  I have no problem with losing, (sure I get frustrated with the spawns, but if I lose fair and square, good, I didn't lose a paycheck, and I didn't lose my house).

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                    The K/D points I made was in reference to players who play to boost there K/D in objective games modes and don't play the objective.High k/d in domination means nothing if you don't have a win/lost % to back it up.That's the fastest way to tell what kind of match you'll be in for from enemy players.Sorry I was unclear on what I meant by that,I play a lot of Domination.


                    Ranked 180 in Domination...


                    K/D 1.15

                    Win/Lose 90%

                    Captures 8000 +

                    Defends  5000 +


                    I'll do whats need to win...Cap Flags,Play the weak side,Play Decoy with a Riot Shield,Snipe or whatever else is needed.If you play to win you don't need to try and pad your stats.An you'll know what kind of player you truly are.

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                      This is why I can hardly tolerate Xbox Live anymore. All I care about is that you're a good sport after the game. I can literally get spanked by the other team, but if they are chill afterward, we can get along. I love people who are modest in-game.

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                          One of the best lobbies I have ever been in was against a six man clan in HCSnD on BO2. SoS clan if I remember correctly, they were really cool and me and the dude I was playing with had a proper laugh with them. They laughing as hard as we were when he pulled off one of the most ludicrous ninja defuses I've ever seen, smack bang in the middle of 4 of them! Sincerely hope I bump into them again one of these days.

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                          1v1 me m8 quickscopes only- I am 12 years old and am unable to do well when faced with more than 1 opponent.

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                            You lost my interest at "There Camping"

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                              Head glitching is an exploit of the game engine where the player's gun is just a graphical dummy and the actual bullets come out of the player's neck or head.

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                                Camping does exist in OBJ gamemodes.  It is the people that sit in corners at their only flag and don't try to go after any other even when losing.  Campers don't play for the win and every now and then may get a win but hardly ever get the win for their team.  Campers are the anti-try players who don't care how the game goes as long as they don't have to move or get killed.

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                                  I was going to have a wobble about the K/D thing because let's face it, if someone is dying all the time and not killing anyone I think their strategy probably needs rethinking but I see you expanded on it further down. In my opinion a strong K/D is the sign of a strong player (and I'll admit there are a number of exclusions to the rule).


                                  I just can't accept this bit though, I'm soooo guilty of this:


                                  "If at the end of the match you say,"We lose but at least I'm positive", you're the worst one."


                                  Ouch! C'mon man.. so we lost but at least I played well, every cloud huh?

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                                      Agree - to a point. You need to also keep in mind that a reason someone may die frequently is because they are the only ones that are actually going after objectives in objective based games. I would much rather die and take a hit to my K/D than to sit in a corner, stay alive, and basically forfeit the match just to retain my K/D......just my thought


                                      On a lighter note - phrases I have heard used and their meanings:


                                      "You're garbage!" - "I am supposed to be invincible and you just killed me! How DARE you!!"

                                      "Spray 'n Pray" - Usually used anytime someone is killed by someone that is shooting from the hip - regardless of weapon type

                                      "Freaking LAG!" - "My reactions are not as quick as yours and you killed me! No fair!!"

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                                          Oh yeah totally, play for the win overall - absolutely.


                                          Like I said there are exceptions, for example someone could have only played once or twice, had a really easy or lucky game and have an amazing, albeit inaccurate K/D. etc. etc. etc.


                                          Also, "spray 'n pray" pretty much describes my play-style

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                                            another reason could be they just keep running for caps even after a lead with 2. or they keep running at C while there team is taking B.


                                            on another note for the phrases you put


                                            lag is abundant is this game and has caused its fair share of deaths or wtf moments that everyone can agree on.


                                            spray and pray is probably the only phrases that fits and keeps coming back in all cods lets face it if you have below a 10% accuracy you need to aim more and im sure everyone has been sprayed by someone with a LMG or SMG from a retarded distance or wall banged with them that's the definition of spray and pray


                                            im still waiting for someone to mention pre firing around corners


                                            i do like your definitions of them though it is how its used frequently

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                                            It's a valid statement in TDM

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                                            Personally, I couldn't agree with you any less.

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                                              'Nough said. Enough said.