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    Looking to do a possible merge on PS3-4

      Bless the Cursed is looking for some active pub members or a clan to Merge with.  We have 4 sponsors, own Web site, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook pages.  Also have 2 comp teams one for the UK and one for the US.  But we are hurting when it comes to Clan Wars and Pub stomping.  If interested drop me a line.  We are in the Gold Division level 12 took gold in our 1st 2 clan wars and placed nothing in the 3rd one.  some of the current members have just dropped off.


      You can also add my to PSN plagueknight69

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          Re: Looking to do a possible merge on PS3-4

          how man active members you have

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            Re: Looking to do a possible merge on PS3-4

            If you're serious about wanting to step up your team's game. We can talk. I'm the leader of Meet Your Owners, we have a large,active member base with a site and everything else that goes along with being a top tier clan. We could consider having you guys join in the fight with us so we can, as a team, win all of the wars. We will certainly keep ur comp teams in place or they can join ours. You could also serve in a leadership role. We will have the same reqs for you as we do all of our recruits. No one under 1.0 kdr will be allowed in. No one under 16yrs old. And inactives will be cut quickly. Sometimes u have to take a step back, we sure have in the past. But you are smart to know when it's time to take it to the next level.


            Look at our site myoclan.com

            Look at our app clan MYO Gaming

            Hit me up if interested, MYO Trav (PS3)


            Leader, Meet Your Owners

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