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    Ghost Blank Screen or Memory Issue (Read for Answer)

      Lately, I am seeing a lot of people post about their ghost game loading to the mask and going blank and doing nothing. Also, a lot of people are posting about out of memory error and getting kicked out of games for no reason.


      Here are your 3 easy ways to fix the issue.


      1) Hold the power "button" down until the Xbox turns off. Turn back on and it should work. if it does not then you have option...

      2) Unplug the power from both the Xbox and the wall. Wait 30 seconds and plug back in. If that does not work then try option...

      3) Uninstall and reinstall the game. Restart the Xbox and attempt once more.


      The reason that it does not move any further is because the Xbox will hold onto an unnecessary cache file which does not allow the game to load any further. This is the fix for the issue as there have been WAY too many posts about this. Here is your guide for the fix.