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    why bother anymore?

      You guys can rant and rave all you want about this TRASH game.  IW doesn't care, they have your money.  If they cared, they would have fixed half the problems in this game that are easily fixable.  They are content with nooby players having fun getting kills with Amplify and 2 IEDs, then killstreak stacking for the Gryphon/Helo Pilot.  The only people who defend this game are non-competitive players.  That's fine, I have no ill-will towards them.  If IW would put in an MLG playlist....the game would be 100% better.  Anyway, you are wasting your breath to post here anymore or tweet IW with suggestions.  I promise you they have heard the same thing thousands of times...Amplify, Maps, SPAWNS, etc....and yet....nothing.


      This game is dead anyway...especially when Titan Fall hits in March.  Just sold my copy of Ghosts for $5 and a coupon at Krogers.....


      Never again will I buy anything from IW

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          I don't want to stereotype but I feel like I'm not too far off with my assumption.


          You say MLG will make the game better and you claim to be a "competetive" player. All this indicated to me is that you're a wannabe MGL player who thinks the game should be designed around them. Well, here's a flaw in your logic:


          If Call of Duty were to have an MLG version of the game then you wouldn't really be playing a competitive version of Call of Duty. You would be playing a modified version that's less competitive because it's removing parts of the game because you're MLG rules can't handle them. Basically you're less competitive because you're saying that the only way this game is playable to you is if it caters to your specific inabilities to adapt. That's doesn't make you very MLG, it makes a whinny kid who hates everything because that's really what all MLG players come on here for.

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            An MLG playlist would make Ghosts 100% better? Not. I play to have fun, not whack off to my stats. It was 3arch pandering to MLG scrubs with teeny tiny maps that ruined BO2. If you're not playing COD to compete with the other team then why play at all? You don't need ego-based playlists to improve a game. The game is already competitive with opposing teams. The problem is the player, not the playlist. So many people play COD without any thought for their teams success. They just want a big KDR to make up for low self esteem. Just play the game. Competition is built in. Competence is not.

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              may i join ur clan

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                  Competition is not built in....why does EVERY legit clan play MLG or gamebattles (which plays MLG rules)?  PLAYING FOR MONEY....So with money on the line...with real competition....they ban 40% of the game because it's catered to the weekend warrior.  I don't care whether you play competitive or just for fun.  But when you have a game than mixes to the two...you get a broken game with 2 sides debating on what needs to be banned...That's why all of the professional gamers....only play customs/8s.  And a majority of them, after UMG Philly, have left the game.  And no....they are not bad, they are not "unadaptable," or whatever else you can think of....they would destroy you.  They get paid.  Fanboy....maybe yes?  Doesn't matter.  And im not knocking you for just wanting to have fun.  The problem lies when you design a game to mix to the two....doesn't work. 

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                      xKhufu wrote:


                      I don't care whether you play competitive or just for fun.  But when you have a game than mixes to the two...you get a broken game with 2 sides debating on what needs to be banned...


                      The problem lies when you design a game to mix to the two....doesn't work. 

                      In that case remove the smaller of the 2 groups. Which group do you think that's gonna be, competitive or noncompetitive?


                      I will say though that it does seem like appealing to both groups is just leading to trouble, especially when both groups want things different from eachother.

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                    I smell Elitist nonsense.


                    Truly competitive players MAKE the game competitive... and can beat lesser players no matter what.


                    Tell the truth.. you just want an "MLG" playlist so you can tell people you only play the "MLG Playlist".

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                        I'm not elitist....but no self respecting gamer who wants good competition wants to crouch walk everywhere because some weekend warrior is crouching in a corner with amplify on and 2 ieds guarding a blitz goal or Dom point.  You like that...?  I wont even mention the spawns....which the whole community has griped about.  If I don't get spawn trapped in Nuketown in BO2...there is no need for being spawn killed in 2 seconds in this game.  This game is dead in March anyway, when I hop on at 11 pm and only 90K people are on.....wow....oh...and 800 in Infected and 600 in Hunted.....great game types, thank you IW

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                            They gave you MLG rules for private matches.


                            There are things I don't like about the game... but that is where the challenge lies. I do well, probably not by your standards, but by my own. There are times I struggle with certain elements of the game, but I battle and fight and overcome them, and come out more often than not on top. And when I do lose, I don't lose the lesson and I don't let the same thing happen again.


                            Your problem is that you feel like you are a "Pro" and others are "Weekend Warriors". When you put that out there.. you instantly become elitist. By your logic, anything you don't like makes others less of a player than you.  If you aren't having fun playing... then by all means there are other games to play. But don't sit on a high horse and bash people you don't know because they perhaps don't play the way you would like.

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                          your absence will go unnoticed, just like the rest of mlg.