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    [PS4] looking for clan to play with

      hey all i'm looking for a group to play with on ps4. I've mosty been playing TDM because i can't stand playin objective games with random ppl when they don't play the objective. anyway im a lvl 32 with a K/D of 1.45 looking to get some ppl to play with. I'm willing to play clan wars or just regular games are fine with me.

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          Re: [PS4] looking for clan to play with


          BardygrubLevel 1

          Bardygrub Jan 5, 2014 6:40 PM

          We are Acid Army. Formally Zenith Army

          We are a mature only clan that plays the latest C.O.D series and now Ghosts.

          We are looking for mature and Australian players only. We mainly play HCTDM modes but this May change for ghosts!






          IF you think this May be the clan for you then add me,   bardygrub  send me a message and let me know you are keen. Join us for a game or two and we will go from there.



          Facebook ; acid army

          Clan type (Competitive/Social/Mixed): Mixed

          Clan tag: ACID

          Clan name: Acid Army

          About us; We are just a bunch of gamers who all have young children so we mainly  play after 7 o'clock most evenings. We mainly play to unwind at the end of the day. We don't like raging and try to keep the sh*% talk to the minimum. We mainly play  HC tdm

          We are Sniper freindly but not limited to.

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            Re: [PS4] looking for clan to play with

            Check us out on the app MYO Gaming. We have around 60 members, all active. We take clan wars seriously so if you want in you will have to be active and play all game modes. We are fun, family style clan. We grind together and blow off steam together. We are planning a meet-and-greet this Friday to give all new guys a chance to meet with the old dudes. No better time then now to get in. Must be over 16yrs old.


            Register on our site at myoclan.com, then apply by clicking application forms and apply to clan. Send a FR to blackdrakar on PS4, he will be glad to help you out. We have what you want.



            Leader, Meet Your Owners


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