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    Question re, Clan Wars in game bonus's

      Hi, I am the leader of clan Acid Army. We are two time platinum clan war winners, and I have a couple of questions re the in game clan war bonus's please.


      1. If a new recruit joins after we have won bonus's do they receive them?
      2. If a member leaves clan do they loose the bonus they received while in clan?


      The reason I ask is that in the last three days we have had 3 people join then leave strait away.

      I am hoping they don't receive the bonus's that were won before they joined, but I don't mind them taking the ones that they earned while in clan.

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          Re: Question re, Clan Wars in game bonus's

          I believe if they are active during the clan war and get the Camo /armor they keep but any patches or anything of that nature are clan attached so they do not keep

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            Re: Question re, Clan Wars in game bonus's

            Rewards earned while someone is in the clan during a clan war belong to the player. So someone joins your clan during the clan war, receive clan war rewards, then leaves, then that person keeps the rewards.


            Rewards earned by the clan for leveling up the clan belong to the clan. Anyone who leaves your clan no matter when, will lose the leveling up patches and backrounds earned by the clan.


            If they join you in the beginning of the clan war or in the middle and help and decide to leave, then it is only fair they keep those rewards. My advise, do not take anyone new in your clan unless they can help you for the full length of the clan war. If they are not helping then kick them before the clan war ends.

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