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    The Easter egg that never was...

      I Created this thread under the assumption that there was an abandoned Easter egg on tranzit, possibly other maps involved.

      Seeing as the community has somewhat created the storyline from WaW days I know that there are very creative peeps out there who can make a sensible assumption of events in zombies and lay down an explanation for me.


      what I'm asking you guys is to figure out (or simply guess) what the orbs and other unexplained things in tranzit we're meant to be for. This may not be possible as we could be missing important stuff but if it can be done then this community can do it lol, I will post my theory on how the unfinished EE could play out as soon as I have a sound theory


      Also regarding the thread 'jet gun and tranzit EE' thread the conversation tilted towards moving drops with jet gun, does anybody know if this would HAVE to be coded in the game to get this effect or is it possibly an unwanted side effect?

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          1. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

          I dont know why or if they left an unfinished easter egg. The map is so huge, but both sides of the ee are so lame. I would say that either we havent finished the ee, or that treyarch had a massive ee planned for tranzit and they changed it to 2 small easter eggs, also the tranzit easter egg trophy is needed for a platinum, so maybe they wanted to make it easy?


          I personally think that the ee is not finished because still no one has been able to make all orbs appear at once, and the fact the treyarch devs all promise that there is more to the ee.

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            2. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

            I Have never heard any of the devs say theres more to the EE. They always say they won't talk about any possible EE related stuff

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              3. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

              They all insinuated that there was more. Reza put out the infamous tweet that said "Yes", when asked, "Is there more to Tranzit after the achievement, like an ingame reward or a second bus route". Jimmy also put out numerous tweets hinting to more.


              At the end of the day, the one thing that stands out above everything else is the orbs. They can be seen on all 4 platforms the game is available on, and they only appear AFTER the Tower of Babble is complete.


              Another thing about them is that a player can only ever see one in a game. No person has ever reported seeing more than one per game, but there has been instances of 2 players seeing one each, but not being able to see the other persons.


              This basically means there is 4 places they can seen outwith the box orb, and 4 players can be in a game together, so my reckoning is that each player must trigger their own orbs, and if all 4 orbs can be triggered in a game, then you can proceed with the EE.


              There has to be a reason why a player can see an orb but no other players can see it. It seems possible that each player has to do something to trigger their own orb. I have had a game where I saw an orb on one light in town and a team mate could see another orb on the other light. I have also been in games where I saw one on the tower and another player saw another one on the other side of the tower.


              If all 4 could be triggered in the same game, then that could be the key to progression.

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                4. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

                Another tweet that suggested there is definitely more, is the tweet that Spider sent Jimmy regarding the completion of the Tower of Babble.


                Spider sent this message...


                "We are about to blow the lid on Tranzit"


                Jimmy replied...


                "Not necessarily"


                Another example of there being more to it.

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                  5. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

                  Huh, wasn't aware that had happened. That's pretty good stuff.

                  That would almost lead one to think that you would need to complete the other DLC's EE's in order to continue anything (Die Rise & Buried at least).

                  I'm hoping that's not the case, as I'm practically a Buried virgin still...


                  However, I'm still hoping that there is a solo endeavor yet un-had, hence being able to see the orbs in solo mode.

                  Which brings me to the practically useless "solo" mode when ya think about it.

                  Custom game, closed lobby, you can still do everything you could in solo, right? (as long as yer not on easy?)

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                    6. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

                    You make very good points, but i challenge you to find something constructively useful from Jimmy's tweets regarding anything on blops2 zombies we don't know about.

                    only one I can think of was his fairly recent tweet about the ranking system (downs on high rounds not so bad)


                    I understand that the evidence for there being more is jumping out in our faces but as I said starting the thread I think they ditched it. I think there are five orbs not four. Would it even be possible with four players to see all of them?

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                      7. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

                      I Don't think the EE can be done solo, it is more likely (if it is even complete in the game) that a continuation would be multiplayer

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                        8. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

                        There is only 4 orbs outwith the box orbs, and they are the two on the traffic lights in town and the two on the tower. They also all appear around the 4 lights that emit morse code, as if the tasks required are all being explained to us through the morse code.


                        So... is it possible that the morse code messages are actually telling us how to activate the orbs? It would make sense if we look at the 'Stay close to me' and the 'Follow the light' messages. Maybe they are two individual tasks. Maybe one player has to stay under the tower for a bit, and maybe another person has to use the box in order to obtain a specific weapon or tool from it. Follow the light seems to suggest the box.


                        If there is more to Tranzit, then the morse code messages are the key. The orbs circle the lights as if to check the tasks completed. Messages like 'Energy can only be transformed' and 'Power is knowledge' are things that could be looked into more.


                        Regarding Jimmy's tweets. I think the "Not necessarily" one is a pretty strong hint to there being more, but if you really want something more concrete, then how about a Dev telling a forum member personally that the orbs are not a glitch?


                        That is what happened when FlyingPlatapus phoned Treyarch and got to speak to one of the Dev's for around 30 minutes. He pressed and pressed but could not get anything more out of him other than "The orbs are not a glitch! That is all I can say... good luck."

                        Take from that what you will.

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                          9. Re: The Easter egg that never was...

                          I definitely know the EE cannot be done solo. The continuation is the only part I was thinking of...

                          Which brings to question---> If there is a continuation with the orbs, would it be immediately after completing the EE? Or, would it be in a separate game, with one or more people that have completed the EE??

                          I was thinking the latter, considering the randomness and rarity of the orbs, which is probably the biggest reason why I even thought that it could be solveable solo.

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