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        just a random idea for triggering the orbs, it seems simple so maybe someone tried it? Each player toggles the power switch?

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          Definitely worth a try.

          Also worth a try: once a person sees 'their' orb, shut the power off, just to see how it affects it? I'll give that a shot next time I see one.


          I'm still fixing to try this: shoot an orb with a gun from the box that has an orb encircle it.

          Or: kill zoms around the orb with same type of gun.

          Both sound groovy to me...


          Anyone know, can you see those suckers in theatre mode? I tried to look for one of mine, and it didn't show up... Just wondering

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            Ive never been able to find any that ive seen in theater mode.

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              That'll make it easy to proove when somebody actually does something with the orbs, eh?

              Automatic troll

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                no one has seen them in theater, how about other step in EE, or even tower lights?

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                  You can see the tower lights, and the morse code transmissions... And the lightning atop the tower.

                  Which other step in the EE are you referring to?

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                    I have seen one rotating sparkling orb on the traffic light in town, one on the light post in diner, and one on the box. no one else could see the orbs I could see. in one game I don't know what happened but one of the streams of energy came from the top of the tower in the corn fields and touched the sparkling light on the traffic light in town. it was momentarily. since then I have never been able to replicate the process or see the light in town again.  I have been thinking bout the Morse code "energy can only be transformed" , "stay close to me", and " follow the light". may be everyone has to have the ee done for the same side. activate their individual lights, the beam of light shoots out of the tower in the corn field, and the beam will hit each individual sparkling orb. maybe if the lights don't line up everyone can get the riot shields and have the window on them reflect the beam of light to where it needs to go. just a theory

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                      I Don't believe jimmy is going to be any help, the orbs not being a graphical glitch is not surprising but denying they are a graphical glitch is IMO no help at all, sorta obvious.


                      i Like your ideas about morse code and the orbs, it makes a lot of sense. What doesn't make sense is the popularity of the game yet no one has made any progress, which is why I thought they ditched the EE continuation. I hope one day we can get the facts

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                        One would think that it could be done the same game and afterwards, if the orbs are important, because they are present in both situations

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                          Well I agree with DBZ, I do believe there is more to these orbs and lights.

                          This food for thought might help the cause:

                          1. They have unused quotes in TranZit. Possibly for the next step(Navcard table)

                          2.The orbs/lights in different locations MUST mean something.. Traffic lights,(Stop/Go) Box(Random) Laundry place(New beginning/Clean Slate?) Power switch???(Power/Ruler??) Bus(Traveler) Tower(The reciever)

                          3.The EMPs were there for more than the lightposts I believe.. Maybe EMP the power switch.

                          4.There HAS to be more on the farm, it seems empty..

                          5.In every story there is more than the naked eye can see. Maybe having all orbs and lights appear in one game will trigger something?

                          6. The morse code. That might be the next step. Anograms, hidden steps withing the sayings.

                          7.The jetgun. Come on.


                          All in all I believe there is more than we can imagine in tranzit just by these few 7 things.

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