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        60. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

        Is there a date that we can expect the open clan vs clan to come? If you can't say a specific date can you say what month? @teenah

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          61. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

          that's cool but we need hardpoint crf and why did infity  ward take hq sabotage face off etc maybe not a lot ppl played hq etc but some ppl love those gamemodes and ied are way or overpowered

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            62. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

            We want better weapons, powerful

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              63. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

              I like watching the matches and things like that but i'm a PS player. I am exceptional and the transfer over to xbox can take some time. They really need COD Championships On PS  Administrator

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                64. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                Here are several problems I demand you fix (immediately)


                1. Danger Close - Why did you bring it back? Even with Blast Shield, you still die relatively quick to noob tubes and cheap IEDs/C4s when they use this. This is an even bigger problem in Hardcore - you only have 30 health, and no amount of protection will save you from explosives that do over 150 damage. Solution: remove Danger Close completely and replace it with something different, and remove all Launchers (including under-barrel Grenade Launchers) from Hardcore.


                2. Thermobaric Grenades - The effect is when it hits someone, it reduces their health by 60-70, weakening enemies and making them easier to finish off. In Hardcore, it becomes an abusive problem; again, having only 30 health, if someone uses the "Extra" perks, COD4 Frag Spamming has returned (also, imagine those loadouts times 6 = a disgusting infestation problem). Solution: remove Thermobarics and "Extra" perks from Hardcore.


                3. Trophy System - I know that this is the solution to enemy equipment, but almost no one ever uses it. One main issue about this is that when it detonates incoming enemy projectiles, it explodes, right? Well, in Hardcore, when friendlies are near those explosions, it still counts as friendly fire and kills the user. This is a problem when the user and his teammates are crowding an objective in Hardcore objective modes. The user is trying to protect his teammates from abusive explosives from enemies, but when he gets friendly-fire-killed in the process, those Trophy Systems die with him and cannot protect teammates anymore, then the enemy will continue their bombardment and take the objective from them. Solution: fix explosions from Trophy Systems so they do not affect any player, including the user, and do not count as friendly fire.


                4. Anti-air - I miss the Stinger Missile from the Modern Warfare series. There are some games where the enemy player, sometimes several, is very good at getting out his assault air support. Those helicopters last a long time because a. their hit boxes are terrible (Gryphon is so tiny), and b. sometimes no one makes an effort to shoot them down with armor-piercing LMGs. If not taken care of, air support will be chained one after the other non-stop throughout most of the game. Solution: Bring back a lock-on launcher, because the Paunserfast rocket does not fire straight enough to take out a constantly-moving helicopter.


                Other General things to fix:

                - Spawns should be relatively far from combat, very edges of the map if they have to. Despite your "promises" to fix spawns, some of us are still getting lucky enemy spawn kills, or unfortunate spawn-kills by enemies.

                - Bulldog should be nerfed, it is currently the most over-powered close-quarters weapon in the game; very abusive in small maps such as Strikezone and Freight. I say lower its damage, its range, and widen its default hipfire spread.

                - Quickscoping is still happening despite recent patches/nerfs to a sniper rifle's ADS performances. Quickdraw's effect should be non-existent on sniper rifles; update it so it is "Faster ADS, except for Sniper Rifles."

                - Clan War/Double XP events. Don't just make them on weekends, make some of them on weekDAYS too. Some of us cannot play a lot during weekends for reasons which prevent us from being able to do so, such as family reasons. So, rather than just only Wed/Fri to Mon, make some Mon to Fri.

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                  65. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                  I say bring back the stinger, so they can make assault streaks more powerful

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                    66. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                    All need is better spawn system.

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                      67. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                      Can you please fix the private match default loadouts? Ever since the last update, the default classes in private matches select a random assortment of weapons and equipment. For example, a class with the M27 IAR has me spawn in with a honey badger. Custom game modes such as cops and robbers cannot function properly.

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                        68. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                        Call of Duty: Ghosts Perks and Equipment (How I Would Have Done it)

                        By EvErLoyaLEagLE



                        • 1 – *Ready Up: Weapon is ready faster after sprinting, except for sniper rifles.
                        • 2 – *Parkour: Faster mantling and climbing.
                        • 2 – Sleight of Hand: Faster reloading.
                        • 2 – Agility: Increased movement speed.
                        • 2 – Marathon: Unlimited sprint.
                        • 3 – Stalker: Move faster while aiming.


                        • 1 – Strong-Arm: Throw equipment farther, decrease the cook time of grenades and reset the fuse when throwing back explosives.
                        • 1 – On The Go: Reload while sprinting.
                        • 1 – *Reflex: Swap weapons faster.
                        • 2 – *Fast-Hands: Use equipment faster.
                        • 2 – *Steady Aim: Increased hip fire accuracy, except for sniper rifles.
                        • 3 – *Quickdraw: Faster aiming, except for sniper rifles.


                        • 1 – Takedown: Kill enemies without revealing their death locations.
                        • 2 – *Blind Eye: Undetectable by AI-controlled killstreaks, Oracle systems, and sentries.
                        • 2 – *Cold-Blooded: Undetectable by player-controlled killstreaks.
                        • 2 – Dead Silence: Move silently, making you harder to detect. Players with Amplify can still hear your footsteps.
                        • 3 – Incog: Resistant to targeting systems including: Recon, Thermal Scope, Tracker Sight and Motion Sensor. No name, red crosshairs or enemy callouts when targeted.
                        • 3 – Off the Grid: Undetectable on the mini-map by SAT COMs and radar pings.


                        • 1 – Recon: Enemies hit with explosive damage are tagged and can be seen through objects for a short time.
                        • 2 – Sitrep: Detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment.
                        • 2 – Amplify: Louder enemy footsteps makes them easier to detect. Allows you to hear Dead Silence players.
                        • 3 – *Spyware: Players with Cold-Blooded, Incog, and Off the Grid can still be seen.
                        • 3 – *Keen Senses: Identify enemy targets at longer range. Players with Silencers can still be seen on the mini-map.
                        • 3 – Wiretap: Utilize all enemy and friendly SAT COMs on the field.


                        • 1 – Resilience: Take no damage from falling.
                        • 2 – ICU: Regenerate health faster.
                        • 2 – Focus: Reduced weapon sway when aiming down sights and reduced flinch when hit.
                        • 2 – Tac Resist: Resistance to flash, stun, and EMP effects.
                        • 2 – Blast Shield: Increased resistance to explosive damage.
                        • 3 – *Commando: Increased resistance to knife melee damage and Guard Dog attacks.


                        • 2 – *Extra Tactical: Additional Tactical Equipment. (!): Cannot be used in Hardcore.
                        • 2 – *Extra Lethal: Additional Lethal Equipment. (!): Cannot be used in Hardcore.
                        • 2 – *Scavenger: Resupply ammo from dead players.
                        • 2 – Fully Loaded: Start with maximum ammo capacity.
                        • 3 – Extra Attachment: Extra attachment for your weapons.
                        • 5 – *Danger Close: Increases radius of damage dealt with explosives. (!): Cannot be used in Hardcore.


                        • 1 – Gambler: Spawn with a random perk.
                        • 2 – *High Roller: Re-roll your own Care Packages.
                        • 2 – Hardline: Killstreaks require 1 less kill. Every 2 assists count as a kill toward your killstreak.
                        • 2 – Ping: Activate a sonar ping upon killing an enemy, revealing nearby hostiles.
                        • 3 – Overkill: Carry two primary weapons.
                        • 5 – Deadeye: Consecutive kills increase the chance to deal more damage with bullet weapons.


                        *: Perks will have changes and their reasons listed below.


                        Explanations of Perks and Their Changes


                        • Ready Up: Exempt for sniper rifles for quickscoping reasons.
                        • Parkour: Players can be very vulnerable to enemy fire when mantling over a small obstacle. Players climbing ledges and ladders can be extremely vulnerable to enemy fire.


                        • Reflex: Handling weapons should be separate from handling equipment.
                        • Fast-Hands: A single explosive equipment can be extremely powerful by itself. Being able to use two of them with “Extra” perks in less than a few seconds will make such equipment become abusive. By separating this effect from the original Reflex perk, players will have to use an extra point or two when they are building an equipment-heavy loadout.
                        • Steady Aim: Exempt for sniper rifles for quickscoping reasons.
                        • Quickdraw: Exempt for sniper rifles for quickscoping reasons.


                        • Blind Eye: Stealth versus AI-controlled killstreaks should be separate from stealth versus player-controlled killstreaks
                        • Cold-Blooded: Stealth versus player-controlled killstreaks should be separate from stealth versus AI-controlled killstreaks.


                        • Spyware: Players can be difficult to see and distinguish from map environments, even without Ghillie Suits. Camping in thick environmental foliage, such as tall grass and bushes, can become a serious problem in Hardcore modes.
                        • Keen Senses: Players can be difficult to see and distinguish at long ranges. The Silencer has never had a counter in any of the previous Call of Duty titles. Despite the range penalty from equipping this attachment, being able to stay off the mini-map almost indefinitely can become a serious problem, in both public and competitive lobbies, and in both Standard and Hardcore modes.


                        • Commando: The knife melee attack always kills in one hit, players have almost no chance to fight back when they encounter other players at a close range. The Guard Dog has a very high amount of health, has a 1-meter kill radius, and always kills in one hit, players have almost no chance to fight back when they encounter it at a close range.


                        • Extra Tactical: The Thermobaric reduces a player's health by 60-70, players start with only 30 health in Hardcore modes. Even with Tac Resist and Blast Shield equipped, these are not enough to survive continuous barrages of spammed equipment, this issue can become a serious problem in Hardcore modes. Although the Trophy System exists as a potential solution to this problem, not enough players actually use them to protect and capture objectives. By increasing this perk's point cost to 2, players will have to rethink how to create loadouts focused on using equipment.
                        • Extra Lethal: All explosive Lethal Equipment do at least 50 minimal damage, players start with only 30 health in Hardcore modes. Exempt for Hardcore modes for equipment spamming reasons listed above.
                        • Scavenger: I personally feel this perk should be in the Equipment category of perks
                        • Danger Close: Rather than increase explosive damage and bring back the nightmare that was “Modern-Warfare-2-OMA-Danger-Close-Noobtubes-Harriers-Chopper-Gunners-Nukes,” instead increase the radius of which explosives detonate, but by no more than 30%. Exempt in Hardcore modes for explosives spamming reasons, including equipment spamming reasons listed for “Extra” perks above. Increasing this perk's point value to 5 will effectively limit the use of this perk to prevent explosive spamming.


                        • High Roller: Some Field Orders are difficult to complete in certain situations, players may feel unsatisfied when they complete a difficult Field Order and receive a low-level killstreak reward.


                        **It may require an increase in the Create A Soldier points total to 13-15 to compensate for the new perks I have added to this list.




                        • Frag Grenade: Hold to control fuse time, remember to release. Produces lethal radius damage upon detonation.
                        • Semtex: Timed explosive that starts its countdown on release. Sticks to any surface.
                        • Throwing Knife: Retrievable knife that causes instant death upon impact.
                        • *I.E.D.: Improvised proximity explosive device that sticks to the environment. Arms shortly after deployment.
                        • C4: Plastic explosive device that sticks to any surface and is detonated remotely by [Lethal Equipment button] or Pro tip: double-tap [Use].
                        • Canister Bomb: Mixed chemical bomb that has to be primed before release and detonates shortly after throwing.


                        • *9-Bang: Holding produces more flashes to blind enemies. Fully cooked 9-Bangs create and EMP effect that stuns electronics and destroys enemy equipment.
                        • *Concussion: Temporarily disorients and slows enemies.
                        • Smoke: Temporarily creates a smoke screen that obscures sight and blocks automated targeting systems.
                        • *Trophy System: active defense turret that destroys two enemy projectiles.
                        • Motion Sensor: Triggered by enemy proximity. Tags the target, allowing them to be tracked through objects for a short time.
                        • *Thermobaric: Fuel-air grenade that creates a large but low damage blast radius and weakens armor. (!): Cannot be used in Hardcore.


                        *: Equipment will have changes and their reasons listed below.


                        Explanations of Equipment and Their Changes


                        • I.E.D.: The time from trigger to detonation should be increased, preferably doubled, to give players a better chance of reacting upon hearing its beeps. Its blast radius should be reduced by 30% to make it not as overly-powerful as it currently is.


                        • 9-Bang: Fully cooked 9-Bangs should completely destroy enemy killstreaks, not just stun them for a few seconds and requiring multiple fully cooked hits to destroy them.
                        • Concussion: Currently, even a light touch from the edge of its blast radius, slows down players entirely for several seconds. Its effects should be reduced the farther away a player is hit by it, much like its Modern Warfare counterpart.
                        • Trophy System: In Hardcore, when it detonates an enemy projectile, friendlies close to the explosions will trigger ricochet and the user will take damage from friendly fire. This is a problem in Hardcore objective game modes such as HC Dom, when several players are simultaneously taking a same objective. One player will set up Trophy Systems to prevent enemy projectiles from bombarding the objective, but when friendlies are in the equipment's explosion, the user will instantly die from friendly fire. The Trophy Systems will then expire with their user and can no longer protect teammates from further bombardment by enemy projectiles. Solution: explosions from Trophy Systems do not affect any player, friend and foe, and do not trigger ricochet and friendly fire.
                        • Thermobaric: The Thermobaric reduces a player's health by 60-70, players start with only 30 health in Hardcore modes. Even with Tac Resist and Blast Shield equipped, these are not enough to survive continuous barrages if they are spammed, this issue can become a serious problem in Hardcore modes. It is technically having an extra set of grenades in equipment slots, it would be the return of COD4 Frag Spamming.


                        Final Words

                        I hope the suggestions for changes I made in this document will be possible for you guys at Infinity Ward, and more importantly I hope you will really take these changes into consideration and actually apply them to a future patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you have any questions or comments about my suggested changes and/or my reasons for them, [REMOVED BY MODERATOR] You can also find me on PlayStation 3's PlayStation Network, gamertag: EvErLoyaLEagLE, playing Call of Duty: Ghosts. Thank you very much.

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                          69. Re: Upcoming improvements for Ghosts eSports (1/16/14)

                          yes except for commando, instead of knife deaths make it so you can survive a one shot kill weapon while  at full health

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