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    So how is everyone?

      I haven't been on the forums in a long time....Wondering how COD Ghosts is rolling along?  Wondering if it is worth getting back on it or not.

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          For those who can actually adjust to change, Ghosts has been doing quite well overall. A much more balanced CoD than the last few games. A much more balanced map variety where each weapon type has a chance to shine, but not totally dominate over all the others a majority of the time.


          For those can't and were overly spoiled by Black Ops 2, they largely dislike this game for being "too slow" and "maps too big" because now they can't mindlessly rush everywhere on tiny maps every match and longer range combat is actually viable now, so every gun battle doesn't come down to split second reaction time.


          Otherwise, just the usual complaints; "Buff this", "Nerf that", "campers everywhere", "I die too quickly", "Adjust the game for me me me".

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              Yeah I'd say that sums it up. Although I've had a lot of bullets not registering in the last few days, but its probably just my connection or something.


              I also think Extinction was done really well. It's a lot of fun once you rank up enough to unlock some better equipment.


              Squads is also pretty good imo.

              It is a lot slower than Black Ops 2 and requires a more strategic play style, running and gunning doesn't work well and a few maps are really big. If you like co-op, or strategic game-play I'd say it's defiantly worth it.  

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              I'm enjoying ghosts there is more variaty you just need a little more patience and. think about what your doing. Connections on the whole are good there's not the amount of hackers as you'd think if you believed the forums.Jump back in what you got to lose.