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    What happend to the good old days of cod

      Once upon a time there were loyal cod fans who actually used stealth knowledge and skill.


      Even back in mw2 with tubes, javelen, scavenger, it was still fun despite people getting upset. years of winging has caused all the fun stuff to be removed like scavenger refilling c4 and grenades etc. The games been that stripped down that subs and snipers rule. The levels arent designed to be used with a shotgun as they are too big and you get picked off long before you get near an enemy.


      I still manage to get taken out with the riot shield from snipers and stupid drop shotters. The throwing knives used to bounce off the ground and back up at them better.


      Remember hardhat and dome? how good were they, designed awesome and tight. you couldnt have an idiot sitting at the other side of the map with a sniper because of the way it was designed. there were little tucks you could hide behind to reload etc, not a truck in the midde of nowhere.


      No more pred misile. shame as it would stop clans from locking down an entire area of the map. well maybe if they were designed better. even it it was still in the game the wingers would make sure it had the blast radius of a semtex.


      You want to nerf something then nerf the movement speed and jump height of anyone using a sub. im sick of having them pogo over me and blast me.


      Why have the riot sheild if its no more protective then holding up a leaf for protection.


      Theres no where to put a senty gun thats going to be effective and even if it was then the spawns change or some skilless tool who couldnt get a hardline satcom uses a ground jammer. support packages should never have been invented. they just encourage run, gun and die players who wouldnt know stealth if it snuck up behind them.


      Get some updates going with some fixes to this crap

      get in and reply with your issues or it will never get changed

      forking out for ghosts and the season pass isnt pocket change and we deserve a better game and to be listened to

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