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    Thank God....

      Thank you for IW for patching Amplify (hopefully sooner rather than later).  It is by far the newbiest thing I've ever seen.


      For those of you that defend Amplify....you honestly, truly, suck at the game

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          I know they mentioned it in the eSports initiative... but did they announce a change for all modes?

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            Yeah nice try but its only getting patched for eSports buddy. Amplify is fine, the amount of people who use the perk to counteract dead silence and increase the effectiveness of their gaming headphones are many. I doubt they would patch amplify much for core modes and risk pissing off a good portion of the gaming community that uses it. FYI amplify isn't all that great anymore, many use dead silence in every class and have figured out how to move completely silent lately I've noticed, Add to it only being somewhat effective during quiet times in a match or someone directly on top of you I don't see it as a problem. Im noticing games are getting more hectic, more killstreaks up add more noises continuously, I think players are getting more comfortable with the maps, guns, killstreaks etc so I don't see anything needing a patch in my opinion.

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              I used Amplify and I found it to be a terrible perk that wasn't very effective. I could hear just fine without it but when I used Amplify I was hearing people who were far away as if they were running right past me. This meant that all it did was tell me what I already knew, there were people on the other team.


              I didn't tell me if they were close because they could have been 3 blocks over even though they sounded like they were just around the corner. I heard footsteps so loud that I would turn to engage but no one was there.


              Then you factor in Dead Silence. Sure it amplified those who were using the perks but how was I suppose to know if hearing footsteps meant I was hearing someone with Dead Silence so they were close or hearing someone without it meaning they were further away. It was a 50/50 guess.


              Complaints about amplify were complaints for the sake of complaining.

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                I have never used it, what is the difference between team mates and enemies? I always seem to ignore enemies and respond to team mates. Much to my KD dismay!

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                  I camp.  Amplify is awesome, coupled with IEDs and Motion Sensors of course and rooms with only 1 - 2 doors.