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    kill streaks well designed


      I came to notice that the kill streaks aren't that furious, but aren't weak either. All of them have vulnerable points or maps were they can be useful or useless. The damage caused by kill streaks do not determine an instant victory. Even the loki satellite... it's strong but doesn't last long enough and the movement is slow. Wiping out a group if enemies then looking for where they spawned pretty much puts u off. The juggernaut assistance is also awesome and the crates. How is this good?


      Well, in recent cods like bo2. Once u get a high kill streak like dogs or storm... everyone abandons the match. They seriously determine control over the match and takes forever to finish its achievements cause everyone keeps on leaving. The kill streaks in ghosts pose ss a threat during the match but doesn't push everyone out nor does it promote an instant victory.


      Another good thing is the massive kill streaks have to be controlled. This way u can't spam, for example loki, plus gryphon, plus helo pilot. The weaker kill streaks are Ai with a limited period of time... except for the dog.


      They can also be destroyed by the right means which is also an awesome alternative to prevent them.


      Bottomline is... they are well balanced doing fair damage but not more damage than a skillful player.

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          Yes, they were designed to be both effective (short term) and have flaws as well. They did us well with these streaks and perk system.

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            Good post, man.  I felt this way too.  The streaks are good enough, but not enough to change the game (unless it's real close of course).  No one rage quits when a Helo Pilot is called in, or even a Loki for that matter.

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              Completely agree.  I really like the flexibility with assault, support, and specialist.  When I run by myself I usually use specialist.  I missed that in BO2.

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                It's sad to think, but so many of my 70 and 80 kill games in Black Ops II I only had maybe 30 gun kills. Between Dogs, Lodestars, SWARMs, and whatever else I really didn't have to do any work. Especially with the EMP grenade which probably accounted for no less than 30% of my score.

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                  At first I was a little disappointed how weak they were, except that damm dog!!! However I'm now thinking it ain't too bad. Is it me or can someone confirm that when you take out enemy sat com,sentry gun eg it adds 1 towards your kill streak

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                    I could still use a lock on missile launcher as dlc, I think?  I haven't played in almost two months, but I remember going 0 and 10 (as a team) because of well executed battle choppers!?

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                      Finally! Someone else sees this! =)


                      Several complaints on these forums about the (Assault) Killstreaks being "too weak", "useless", etc, then complain that they should bring back *insert powerful past Killstreak here (Swarm, Stealth Bomber, Stealth Chopper, etc*.


                      Many people have been spoiled by powerful streaks in past games (BO2 was slightly worse with the Pointstreak system that rewarded you for virtually anything you did), so they have come to the conclusion that Killstreaks should always be some extremely easy and/or enemy team-massacring AI and easily net you half of your kills each match while doing minimal work. This is what lead to ones like MW3 and BO2 to being "Streak-fest" or "Player vs. Streaks" games (like MW2 became an "explosive-fest" with One Man Army, Danger Close, and Launchers), and then those players always expecting someone else to kill those streaks because they just can't feel bothered to use a Launcher for a secondary. It really felt like I was one of the only players who constantly used the Stinger in MW3 or the FHJ in BO2 while everyone else on my team ran with the MP9/B23R for a secondary and just threw on Blind Eye (Pro). .


                      Streaks, to me, are merely supposed to be supportive in of themselves (Assault and Specialist being primarily just for you while Support is for you and/or your entire team to take advantage of), to help you while you still do your own work to keep up your kills in the meantime. It's just ridiculous how easily one could keep a chain going in MW3 (Predator Missile, Precision Airstrike, Attack Helicopter) and BO2 (Hunter Killer/Care Package, Hellstorm Missile, Lightning Strike or UAV, Counter UAV, and Orbital VSAT).

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                        Yep, I like the set up. The best thing for me is no more do I find I am the only player left on my team because the enemy called something in. That used to do my head in.

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                          I am very happy they got this part right.

                          Even the Supportstreak have some great and fun streaks without being to invasive like in MW3.

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                            Agreed. Except for the Squadmate (most laughable idea I've ever seen) and I feel the Oracle would work better if it was a pulsing VSAT because the way it is now, it only works if you happen to be looking in the right direction at the right time.

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                              I think this game's killstreaks are HORRIBLE. No Osprey, no AC-130, no Precision Airstrike, if you guys can't get big killstreaks or are scared of big killstreaks then the solution would be to make the Precision Airstrike a 8-kill killstreak and the Osprey and AC-130 at least a 16-kill killstreak.

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                                My only problem is that the Sentry Gun and Sat Com and Vulture have short time limits but are too easy to kill I think they should either be infinite time or sixty seconds or more.

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                                  I think the kill streaks are fine - the only one that might be a little OP is the Helo Pilot - seems to go on forever.


                                  I do try to take them down but even with Blindeye they seem to find me.

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                                      And yet you have people who think it should come with rockets/missiles, lol. I do admit that the flares come off as useless given there's no actual lock-on Launchers in the game that would warrant their use. The closest would be the MAAWS, but that's manually guided using a laser, not lock on fire-and-forget missiles.


                                      I'd say it's not near OP simply due to the fact that it's a 12 point streak and, unlike BO2 (where the Scorestreak system was too rewarding, I think), you only build up through kills and destroying opposing streaks, so it's not too easy or quick to get, coupled with the fact that it only has the cannons as a weapon, requiring you to actually move around and angle right (though, it seems to compensate with a deceptively large hit radius). If not shot down, then the best tactics would be to simply hide deeper inside enclosed buildings (away from doors and windows, of course, and Blind Eye also helps), or to stay as far underneath it as you can.

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                                      I miss the spicy red nachos!!!!