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    The Hidden Benefit of Big Maps

      I could just be living in my own little world here but there's something that I've noticed this year which is quite different from the last couple of years.  That is I haven't grown bored of playing these original maps.  Normally at this time in the games life cycle I'm still playing of course but I've seen pretty much every conceivable angle/hiding spot/tactic that anyone will ever use on the original maps and I'm basically playing them on auto-pilot and yearning for the DLC to drop just to freshen things up again.  Don't get me wrong, I know these maps quite well but people are still finding new ways to play them and I think that is what's keeping them fresh.  I think that the complexity of the maps partly due to their size and partly due to all of the oddball vantage points is the reason that this keeps happening.  So instead of yearning for the DLC to drop just to bring some life back into the game.  I'm perfectly fine with things as is and when the DLC drops it will be exciting instead of just a relief.  So am I alone in my little world or do you find that the new of this game continues for you as well?

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          Re: The Hidden Benefit of Big Maps

          Hey dude. I totally get your point toward this maps. I agree with you because due to the complexity and the zise and wide range of the maps there are lots of styles or tactics you can apply in game. You can cover up, you can hide and look for a pretty good spot on where you can see and kill players while not seeing you. I feel you because I find this too beneficial but there are also disadvantages of a big maps Anyway, let's just enjoy the game. cheers!

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