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    Ghosts suffers from the worst thing possible.

      I have been playing Ghosts since its release and overall I have had some fun with it. Lately though, I have found myself not really too enthused to play it and have been playing MW3, Black Ops and Black Ops 2 instead. I was getting in some gameplay on MW3 yesterday and listening to a YouTube vid by Thunder when I heard him say what I had already been thinking. There isn't anything wrong with Ghosts other than it is boring. And I think he is right.

      In all FPS games you will have campers and that is expected, but on Ghosts it has really gone to another level. Now instead of trying to get that last point on another team in a race to hit the point cap most games end at time limits. And those games are low scoring. On maps like Stonehaven the game play gets really slow paced as everyone tries to find sniper spots and targets of opportunity, and since everyone knows that is what is going on now, few actually move. I am waiting to see a game end at the time limit with a 0-0 score because it seems like that is the way it is going. I have seen  more games end in draws on this title than I have ever seen on any of the others.

      I get that camping is a legitimate strategy and I am not attacking as a strategy other than to say that in this title it is slowing down the game play to snail like speed and it is making the game itself boring. Maybe it is just the lobbies I have been going into though, so I am looking forward to everyone else's opinion. Do you find the slower, more campy style to be taking alot of the excitement out of the game. Or do you think that this is the type of game play style C.O.D should be working towards in future titles?

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