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    Losing gems

      I Purchased a heap of gems but did not use them, when I got up this morning they had all disappeared.  Can anyone help me.


      I Also have lost islands installed on another a Ipad which will not even start after the update ,I have checked memory, space.  But I still can't get it to work.


      please help?

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          Hello Hippy180,


          Sorry to hear about the missing gems! Can you please let me know the following:

          - Activate Name

          - How many gems lost


          We will do everything we can to try and get this resolved for you.




          ATVI Support

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            I assume you mean my email which [Removed by Moderator] ^AH

            This is on my daughters Ipad.

            We have lost at least 350 gems.


            Any idea why I can not even open skylanders on my other Ipad, it shows the activision screen then goes back to my home screen.