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    Activision needs to get its Act together.

      Just yet another angry poster/gamer looking to get rid of these ridiculous hackers. They've clearly taken over the game, as it's barely playable anymore.


      The thing is, obviously no one is doing anything about it other than telling the gamer to report them. Which of course does nothing but my point i'm making here today is.


      You guys are the shitty programmers/developers that allowed so many hacks into the game, YOU should be the ones to fix it. I'm not going to go through the process of reporting every hacker (don't have that much time on my hands) so YOU guys are the ones responsible for fixing it. Or i'm simply going to return it....actually, no, i'm going to post a video online of me burning the game and have a nice little prepared speech about how shitty Activision is for allowing this to happen.


      Most frustrating is that this is all falling on def ears. No one over at Activision cares one bit about a game 1 year old now. But what i am going to say here is, why bother buying another game by Activision? It's the same shitty programmers/developers on every game...so don't give them any more money until they actually fix a problem they created.


      Who's with me?