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    Load error 14 and friends issues

      Hi have Skylanders Lost islands working on my iPad2 but with some issues (one of my friends on my activate friends list but wont show up in the Friends (kudos) list of the right hand side - for visits and gifts , I have 3 other friends in the kudos list and I and send gifts and visit them, but my friend cant visit me from her account, but has me in the activate and kudos lists, and when she sent a gift I get the notification "!" but when i click on it she is not on that list so I don't get that gift).

      I also have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that I just got recently, I have downloaded Skylanders Lost islands and start the app, went into activate and logged in via Facebook it did a download of data and the asked for my age I enter it and then I got error code 14, After hitting the Check button it then crashes again or restarts at level 1 again and pops up with the following error message:

      "Load error 14: We experienced an issue loading into your kingdom. Our team has been notified of this issue and we will actively be looking into a fix. For more details, feel free to check our support page."


      My Activate gamer name is Gamer_2013030702272685429


      Currently the game is loaded on an iPad2 running iOS 7.04, as well as an Samsung Galaxy S4 running ICS 4.2.2.

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          Hi Brigrig68,


          We appreciate you taking the time to post.  It sounds like there's a couple of issues occurring.  When logging into into your account on the Samsung Galaxy, can you please try going into Options (gear icon located on the purple banner).  Please let us know if you see an age verification button.  Can you please have your friend check this on his/her account as well?


          Also, do you receive the same error message/code when logging into your account from the iPad 2?


          Thanks ^AH