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    understanding the yellow staff and the ice staff puzzle =)

      yellow staff is just addition using 4 uses


      ice uses a conversion problem 3's into 4


      3 uses dots... unfilled dots mean 0 of that group


      all filled in dots on the very right mean 1 any other dots below will mean 1 as well


      2nd row from the right means 3 any other dots below mean 3 as well


      3rd row from the right means 9 any other dots below means 9 as well


      if there is 2 dots in the 1st row and in the 2nd row there are 1 this would be 1+1+3= 5


      same thing but now what if there was 2 dots in the 2nd row... it would be 1+1+3+3= 8


      now 4's same thing basically but lines


      a triangle alone with no lines at all means zero lol


      1st row 1 still the ones attached mean one as well


      2nd row 4 the attached lines mean 4 as well


      3rd row 16 the attached lines mean 16 as well


      3 lines on the far right + 2 lines on the 2nd to the right = 1+1+1+4+4=  also equals 11


      ice is a conversion problem because it's 3's into 4's


      yellow is an addition problem because you control the 7+6+8+12+16= part and the answer is on the wall corresponding to the equation above.so basically its math class all over again. lol


      help out at all? Treyarch did a good job with this puzzle highly impressed.