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    Level 18 ps3 clan recruiting.

      Name: xStandNoChance

      Leader: Soccer45678

      Co leader: Xkon-OBezzy,Weechief,Steven_est

      Members: 81

      Clan kd: 3.08

      Requirements: 2.00 kd or higher


      Hey guys Standnochance is now recruiting. We are a blitz clan that are active daily,and participate in clan wars. Were looking for loyal,active members,that play the objective,and wants to win games. Winning is the main objective to us and we hope its the main objective for you as well. We want members that are team players and know how to follow different roles and assignments for the better of the team. In terms of loyalty we don't accept clan hoppers. We want members that will join the clan and be apart of the clan: Not people that leave the clan in a day. If anyone is interested in joining then apply for the clan on the call of duty app and tell the leader that Xkon-OBezzy sent you.