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    Ghosts - Worst COD EVER

      I am a very hard core fan of COD games. I play since PS2. Modern warfare, 1 and 2, were master peices, and changed in a very good way the FPS games. Both Single player and multiplayer.


      Black Ops 1 ( with not so good graphics) and black ops,  with some new things... here and there, but full of the intense, action, non stop, breath-taking spirit of firsts COD games. very addicting and fun games.


      I understand that to a new game, you got to put some new things, as happened with the games before, but what they did with COD GHOSTS, was kill the very spirit of the series. Things that make COD, COD.


      First: What the hell Huuuuuuges maps for a 6 vs 6 ? For me, that was one attempt to imitate Battlefield, along with some destruction.


      This game has the worst-no charisma guns in all cod history. The iron sights are terrible ! The spawn system is a nightmare.


      Worst than all, the game is INFESTED with hackers and campers, making the cod ghosts experience annoying. frustating an boooooooooring as hell. And what the creators do ? nothing...


      This rilley, thing on multiplayer is non-sense. a dog, who to be killed, got to take lots of lots of bullets, and kill a man whit one bite. dont understand...


      Very frustating with the game, because i am a very fan of the series. i dont want and i dont seek a super k/d ratio. I play for fun. and that is what this game was to me. even if i die a lot, lose a lot. by the end of the match, i heard laughs, and joy with all the players. i have to say, i make a lot of friends playing COD and many of this guys, do not play ghosts.


      i bought the game, but im done...


      A very, if not the funniest Multiplayer, game, turn into a campers-hackers, cheaters, glitchers game

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          So you don't like it, boo hoo.

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              I don't usually reply to threads like this everyone's entitled to there opinion and I don't work for IW however,.......I've had another drink......Ghosts is not the worst COD, blops 1 or waw IMO takes that accolade. I'm a little late in joining ghosts but have read the forums before playing and feared the worst. Infested with hackers ? No it ain't ! Huge maps well Stonehaven maybe large for run an gun but ALL the rest are quite varied to all styles of play Granted apart from the class/squad point system there ain't nowt outstandingly new in this incarnation 'iron sights' sounds like the scraping of a barrel, you obviously ain't played blops 2 to be able to moan about spawn killing though I agree with the op ref Riley however all the other kill streaks have been nerfed compared to previous CODs as for being boring again I'd have to disagree, you need to THINK !!!! to be successful, you can't be average and obtain a swarm, my KD on blops2 ranged between 1.5 and 2 because you don't need to be good to be successful, Ghosts has good connections, low to no lag, head glitching is a bad memory, hit detection on the whole is good, match making has been ok, squads gives you a chance ' to try before you buy' and the weapons/perks are very similar to previous CODs.To moan about campers is self explanatory............... so sorry op have to disagree.

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                No Black Ops 2 is the worst COD. Most LAG ever in a call of duty game. The spawn system was also terrible, people could literally stay in one place on Nuketown 2025 and keep getting easy kills because people would always spawn in that same place. And the campaign wasn't even that good either. Tranzit was a huge disappointment. And I think Ghosts has the better weapons than black ops 2. Most of the assault rifles on ghosts are good, on bo2 only a few are good. plus once you complete bo2 multiplayer there is nothing left to accomplish and I found BO2 insanely boring, bo2 blew me away at first but by 4th prestige I was completely bored and burnt out of the game. After BO1 I couldn't wait until playing zombies, and when I did I was really disappointed with tranzit. Call of Duty Ghosts has one of the best campaigns EVER in a COD game with lots of diversity and fun. Multiplayer has at last changed up, at least give them credit for that, I like that I don't need to be a certain level to unlock a gun, I just need squad points. At first I didn't like the whole create a soldier thing but now I love it. Multiplayer also has a bunch of new modes that I find very fun like Cranked and Blitz, even Hunted. Infected is fun, I missed it in BO2 but now it's back I couldn't be happier, infected is just awesome, I need say no more. As for Squads mode, that's just a big bonus, all of the modes are unique and fun, my favourite being safeguard which gets extremely hectic. Extinction is completely different from zombies because it's not just about surviving, you have a mission to destroy all 8 hives and I love that because you actually have to work as a team, support eachother to win wheras in zombies you can do your own thing much to the dismay of your team mates. I also like how hectic extinction gets, so fun and when you all die at that high round, even though you're disappointed you still feel great after because of all the fun and hectiness there is in the final hives, like I said before if you don't work as a team, deploy turrets, ammo, help defend the drill and when someones repairing it, protect them you won't get anyway. I think Ghosts is one of the best call of duty's.

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                  GHosts is a very distinctive game style. At first I was trying to play it like a standard COD and was getting annihilated and frustrated. Since adopting a different play style, I am getting better KD's, even if the required play style is a little boring (creep around, camp, use of IR scopes 'cos the graphics are very dull and flat and it so difficult to spot the campers.

                  I also agree with OP regarding the weapons - there is no 'feel' to them.


                  But (in spite of the cheats and camping game style that is driven by the map design), it is possible to get some fun out of Ghosts. How long the fun factor lasts......hmm.


                  WHether it is the best or worst is a matter of individual opinion, and everyones opinion is valid, despite the usual troll "boo-hoo / bye" BS.

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                    6. Re: Ghosts - Worst COD EVER

                    The least you could have done was offer some suggestions to fix the game. But you just bashed on it... way to be progressive and help change the game.

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                      A lot of them won't admit it, but the reason that so many "rushers" hate Ghosts is because they now can't hip-fire their way from one end of the map to the other. You have to use your head in this game. One of my biggest complaints with BO2 is that the developers apparently made a conscious decision to make BO2 a cartoonish game that requires little thought & combat tactics.

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                        Huge maps? What the hell? When I started playing (Like 5 days ago) It took like 7 seconds to bump into an enemy, it's all compact for me. I don't know what you've been smoking but it's made you crazy.

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                          9. Re: Ghosts - Worst COD EVER

                          See ya.

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