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    looking for PS4 division manager of well established clan

      Clan of 60. Near 20 on PS4.

      This position requires dedication and activity.

      Individual will be responsible for:


            Directing clan wars in division with the help of the clan owner

            Orchestrating clan parties and event

            Promoting synergy and unity in PS4 division

            Maintaining overall clan growth with the help of the other clan leaders

            Checking up on MLG teams both US and EU



            1.75 kdr



            Active almost daily during clan wars.   

            Active on clan website

            Level headed and assertive


      We have been a successful clan since we began at the end of MW3. We've grown substantially and will continue to do so for years to come. You can check out our stats on the app at MYO Gaming. Take a closer look at us by checking out our website myoclan.com


      Trav, owner