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    Ghamorra's book of tactics: Running away, the most under appreciated tactic

      It's said that the fight or flight response is calculated in the first few seconds of an incident. I, more often than not, choose to do both. I run away, but not because I'm scared, I run away because I'm smart and want to engage an enemy on my own terms and in my own environment.


      Let me run through a typical scenario.


      I'm going about my business moving about the map when I get hit with a few rounds. I don't know where the shots came from but I do know that if I stay where I am I'll be dead in one more round. So I run away. Not far, but just enough to allow myself to recover. When I do recover I return to scene ready to engage the target. It's never a good idea to try and fight back against an enemy who's position you're not aware while damaged.


      Another scenario.


      While in the Maniac suit I was badly wounded. I knew that before long I'd be dead. So when I encountered two targets I killed one and ran away. Just around the corner I hid just inside the turn. I knew that I would be followed, it always happens. So when my pursuer turned the corner I knifed them. Instead of going heads up and dying I turned the tables. Running away gave me the opportunity to safely eliminate a target without putting myself at any risk.


      You'll find that players are suckers for a chase. They will not let a target go will follow you into the depths of Hell if it means getting a single kill. Use this to your advantage and retreat so that you can have the advantage. Players think that when someone runs away it means they're on the offensive. They're blind to what's really happening and this makes it even easier to get the kill.




      For those that don't know, the switch back is some of the funniest killing you will do in COD. It does require that your opponent assume that he can flank you. Here's what you do ...


      For whatever reason, turn and run away, as described by so many here. Be sure that the opponent believes that you are going to try to flank him. He will go that way to "head you off at the pass." Only, you don't go the other way. Instead, you switch back and go the route you were originally running. Doing so, he will be at the pass wondering why it is taking you so long to get into his ADS'd sights.