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    What's up with the Aim Assist all of a sudden?

      Maybe it's just my imagination... or maybe I just never noticed it before, but the aim assist suddenly feels much more dramatic.


      Was it changed recently?


      Ideally, aim assist should only come into play WHILE I'm moving the right stick... have it augment the speed at which I aim to either catch up with or slow down for my target. But it should not move my reticle for me. If I am not touching the stick, there should be zero Aim Assist.


      If I'm hard scoping a hole in a wall, I don't want another player who's running by to cause my aim to move and have me hit the wall instead of shoot through the hole.


      If it's too hard to make Aim Assist smarter, can we at least get the option to turn it off?


      If aim assist is in the game to make it easier, then there's really no downside to allowing a player to remove it.