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    Operations vs challenges

      How do you guys feel about the operations. Is it a improvement or not.

      I got mixed feelings about them.

      Like it that you can earn extra squadpoints and stuff to customize your character.

      But that you don´t have them all unlocked at the same is just wrong.

      And that counter resets when you get one stage. Why not like with the challenges that it will count further.

      You still need the amount but it´s added up to the amount you needed with previous stage.


      I think that it should be challenges again. All of them unlocked.

      The operations like the wagers. Extra ways to get xp and squadpoints.

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          Mixed feelings with them TBH, what does annoy me is the fact once you've completed an operation, when they change the operations, those operation should be pulled out of the rotation, I know it's extra xp and squad points, but it's pointless if you've already unlocked everything from it - it should be replaced by one's your still working on or new one's. Probably a little difficult to do though - as many of my friends have different active operations to me and probably the same for many people.

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            I think the general concept is a good one. The fact that not all operations are available means that you have to go after what's available - a challenge in its own sense.

            Note - the five operations you select/keep track of, remain when time lapses /or when you ask for a refresh.

            Downside - folks have been having trouble with cycling through the operations.

            I don't know if its the best way to do challenges/earn squad points/patches, etc... But at least it is different.

            I reckon the overall level up sequence needs an overhaul - once you have played a bit you have a huge glut of squad points.

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              I Remember in mw3 it depended on what level you were for what challenges were unlocked so for certain challenges I stayed at max level to complete the challenge before prestiging .On Ghost I actually like that they rotate and if you are working on one in particular you can highlight it and keep it. I do like how they change it a bit from game to game as well . Having the challenges on a rotation makes me pay attention to what they are and attempt to go after specific challenges and not have them happen by chance. I can see both sides of this and it's a matter of preference. Of course if I did the challenge for that a knife and I didn't have it unlocked and you asked me within a few minutes of that IDE probably have a different opinion.   Kill a maniac with a knife. Not saying its perfect it does have its flaws but  appreciate the concept of it.

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                @falconR6 I kow you've 10 operation per slot.


                And I got completed operations again. At least make it so that completed operations don't come back.

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                  I really like the cycling. Knowing that they won't be available in a few days (or I have to spent an unknown amount of Squad Points for re-bying them) I'm focussed more on completing the challenges than before. The only things I do not like is the bug that don't let you enter your operations anymore.

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                    good idea badly implemented.

                    the xp rewards are all out of whack for the effort/reward

                    there's no way to see what challenges you have completed.

                    only being able to save one operation from each section is seriously annoying it shouldve been 3 and or the ability to save an entire section

                    having customization tied to operations is annoying as you have to reroll to complete something meaning you then are forced to chose what to unlock /complete

                    to easy to manipulate the operations by re rolling to rank up fast

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                      seeings how my operations have glitched out since first weekend i am a little bias to it.  with that said i prefer challenges, they were easier to view and check up on. i felt more accomplished when i finally knocked of a whole section.


                      i like the way bo1 had it, were you had to buy certain ones

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                        I don't like the Operations at all. I think it would be better if after you prestige once, you have all of the Operations available. I have now completed several of the most difficult operations only to not get any credit because it wasn't active.


                        The challenging part of operations shouldn't be choosing which to have active, it should be the process of completing them.

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                          The operations/challenge system/process has got all sorts of bad ideas. I dont mind having a different character for each prestige. Good idea. That each character gets only 6 cac sets is a bad idea. Another thing that makes zero sense is is that there are some concurrent rewards for challenges that are not concurrent. I just recently saw this. You can complete challenges that allow greater character customization that would also complete other challenges that are not currently open. I get the idea each squad member is supposed to have a different specialty, but that actually discourages cac diversity and worse it does not allow players to react to situations that arise during a match.  Net result is a bad character selection pre - match can easily result in a certain loss ... resulting in more backouts.


                          the challenges are my bigger concern because I just don't see it possible to complete all of them.  True, its been a long time since it's been possible to complete them ... but that's gotten too old of habit fro TA & IW.

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                            So far more people dislike the operations.


                            Will they learn for the next cod?