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    Ghosts was the atom bomb

      Alright guys. we all know that IW took a big step by not making a MW4. But what will this bring for Treyarch? Are they going to make a BO3? Or do you thing they will take a different path? This has had my mind turning for a while. Maybe they will do something cool like make another WW2 game, but from a diff countrys perspective. Or maybe they will go to far ahead and make more tracker sights and walls perks. I think that before a dev like this there should be a game that we want to play. Not a noob in a corner with the tracker sight on a LMG. But a iron sight, rocket launching, tank exploding, real time destruction way to many things are happening and it looks bad ass game. Maybe its just me, but I dont want the future. I want old, thats polished. This is the revolution of COD games. Just maybe they will do it right. I dont want to have a shitty game that shows players where you are. I want tactics back. Like in MW2 or BO1. This is just me though. What does everyone else think? Should they stay on the track or go off on a new adventure? What COD game would you like to see???

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          Re: Ghosts was the atom bomb

          WW2 probably not gonna happen. Because almost every major battle are allready been done in COD or other shooter.

          So a single player will be hard. And cod is SP and MP.


          And no tactics that's because of the players not the game.


          And the next cod maybe a new serie also.


          Timespan from something like the 70's to near future. Some bits from different wars.

          In MP no fancy sight like tracer/tf.

          More realistic and less rewards. Take the focus back to gun vs gun.

          Map design: In ghosts they finally got away from the linair design. That's the way to go.

          create a classe is now fine. Only the way to get members and points needs tweeks

          operations more like the challenges.

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            Re: Ghosts was the atom bomb

            Theres a possibility of Sledgehammer working on a MW4 (unless it's a CoD 4 HD) but if Treyarch made a bo3 that would kill the Black Ops series (MW3 for example but that HAD to continue)

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                Re: Ghosts was the atom bomb

                CoD4 was in HD. Even though its probably the communities all time favorite, it would be absolutely ridiculous to revisit that game. As far as multi goes, I don't want to even see a reskin from MW let alone play the same campaign.


                The Modern Warfare story is over, it only lives as a throw back on a dusty shelf and memories. I really enjoyed all 3 of those games, but I have absolutely no problem saying "see ya" to the series.

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                Re: Ghosts was the atom bomb

                I wouldn't mind seeing the "old" titles revisited and made available to the nextgen consoles. But as for them being a full-on re-release, I don't know that I'd like it. I can see it happening, though. Movies and other games get remade, why not video games? That's speaking from an economics p.o.v., not a thumbs up or thumbs down p.o.v.


                Amazingly enough, I have a feeling there will be a BO3. It would end the Black Ops series, though. It's too open-ended right now but there is actually a bigger reason I see a BO3 hitting shelves in November ... I think ATVI is going to want to end the debate over the direction of the franchise. If they bring back another COD that plays at the pace of BO2, the debate is over and all us fans of COD4 are history.

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