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    The SVU, My New Favorite Assult Rifle:

      As some of you may remember I posted some comments on this particular gun a few weeks ago.  The set up I was using with it was the silencer and thermal scope to turn it into a stealth sniping weapon. Well, I recently decided to go in a different direction.


      Primary Weapon: SVU

      Attachments: Iron Sights, Burst Fire, Silencer

      Secondary Weapon: M9A1

      Attachments: Supressor, Extended Clip

      Perks: Ready Up, Extra Attachment, Stalker, Focus, Resiliance


      This particular set up turns the SVU into a middle range assult rifle similar to the MSBS.  It has a slightly slower rate of fire and higher recoil along with only 18 rounds in the mag. However, I am already comfortable with the weapons recoil pattern.  It's a supressed burst fire weapon that kills in 2 shots to the body at any range. The iron sights on the SVU are very clear and similar to the AK-47 in Moderwn warfare 3.  I am running the suppressor to counter the muzzle flash on the weapon. Since it doesn't chage the SVU's shots to kill I figure I might as well go supressed over the flash suppressor. 


      The rest of the class is a basic agressive assult class. I grabbed a pistol since I was using extra attachment I figured I might as well double dip and have two weapons.  The marksman rifles don't see a ton of use in ghost, but they are very versitile with the right set up. This one kills quickly at close to mid range and is a lot of fun to play with.  This load out turns the SVU into a 3 round burst suppressed assult rifle that is a 2 hit kill to any part of the body at any range.