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    Leave IEDs alone, they are fine.

      Normally I don't make threads like this but the amount of complaint threads and overall whining about IEDs is getting out of hand. IEDs do not need to be nerfed, and players that refuse to adapt do not need to be rewarded. There is a counter that is available to everyone and requires very little sacrifice to use.


      -Sitrep: 2 point perk. Shows all enemy equipment and killstreaks (UAVs, Sentrys, BVs, Ammo Crates). Destroying said killstreaks awards a player with 1 point towards their own streak.


      If IEDs bother you so much, drop something from your loadout and use sitrep. Here are some free suggestions:


      1. Secondary Weapon - Worth a 1 point perk, provides almost no value in most cases

      2. Tactical Grenade - Worth a 1 point perk, provides very little value in most cases.

      3. Gambler - 1 point perk, provides unreliable value, fun perk, but not neccessary in any cases.

      4. Lethal Grenade - Worth a 1 point perk, provides moderate value, this would be your first real sacrifice if you like using nades/C4.

      5. Other 2 point perks that you can live without in your Sitrep class - Marathon, Agility, Sleight of Hand, Amplify


      Fact is, if you are dying to IEDs a lot in one game, its your fault. One death, ok, more than two, you are doing something wrong and feeding the other team kills because of your refusal to adapt. You do not deserve to be rewarded for playing badly.

      Also, nothing says you have to continue to engage the IED user once you take out their protection device. Like Ghamorra says, its ok to run away.

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