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    New to the forum, advice please...

      Hi there.


      My name's Mike and like the title says; I just joined here. I'll try and not make this a massive post but here goes:


      Basically I'm after some advice when playing MW2 online, I'm not really new to COD but I am to multiplayer, I enjoy the COD games and do pretty well in campaign mode, we (me & my uncle) have a lot of versions including Ghosts. However recently I've started playing online and I'm so useless it's unbelievable, I always thought I was reasonable at these type of games but it's almost like a new level of gaming I'm not used to.


      Lets get the obvious stuff out the way: it's understandable about experience and so on, but I just can't seem to get used to it at all. I've played other online gaming and do pretty well at them but COD online seems more "serious", as a result I just get hammered. I often have games where I barely see anyone... until they appear out of nowhere and shoot me up. Clearly I've started at zero rank and I was surprised (it being MW2) that the rank balancing is way off, you seem to get stuck with most experience players that know the game almost perfectly. This makes it more difficult to try and learn from the game as I find some of the "skill" and inhuman reactions amazing, I have no clue how some of them are that good, even with experience... whereas I can't seem to be able to kill 3 people in a row.


      Anyway, is it something I'm missing? Because I just can't seem to be able to get used to it, my uncle had the idea that we'd play together in some matches or whatever (since MW2 is his favorite MP) but I'm so useless that the matches he invites me into I have no chance, it's almost boring that I can't survive long enough for any sort of contribution.


      Cheers for reading anyway.