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    Ground War For Ghosts

      How come there is no ground war for Cod ghosts? I mean there is alot of clans and big parties will be great and black ops 2 had it but people saying next gen will have it, so why not for xbox 360? alot of clans have about 8 people on at a time... anyway you guys can make it happen?

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          Re: Ground War For Ghosts

          Next gen DOES have it.


          The 360 and PS3 will NEVER get it due to the processors not being able to handle it. The community wanted character customization and in giving us that, it makes the 9v9 impossible due to the graphical limit in rendering all the players camos and the size of the lobbies.

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              Re: Ground War For Ghosts

              "The Community." Lol..


              We want a lot of things. I don't remember there being masses of people crying for more Customization.  I don't remember people begging to be able to select the character you get to play, or to play as a female character.  I don't remember people asking to begging to change the skin color of their character.


              how does taking out game modes make sense to add in more customization? You don't even see anything except your hands when you play your character.  None of us care what our character looks like, what color his skin is, what gender they are or anything.  We pay 60$ to play 3 game modes, and Squads? Lol. What a joke, "The community."


              As someone who is part of "The Community." I didn't ask for them to take away half the game modes to add in some half assed customization that in the lng run acheives nothing in the game but promoting mroe bordem due to the lack of actualy fun game modes.


              I find myslf spending 15 mins trying to find something to play, just to pick between KC or Blitz, then sit in a lobby for 10 mins as it filly, because they take out CTF, Demo, HQ, Merc, etc, but It's funny how they didn't touch dom, and won't take out the game modes that literally a handful of people play compared to CTF or HQ.


              The community didn't ask for this, besides, since when do they actualy listen to the community? I remember watching a video at the end of the Bo2 Championship, and some of the Pros had good ideas on what they should do to fix the series, and nothing mentioned was even attempted to be put into the game.


              The removal and lack of game modes, was an extremely pathetic attempt to force people to next gen. Theyve already added 2 game modes into the playlist since launch, and if they wanted to take out the ones that no one plays, that actually have less people playing on them than HQ did... even though HQ was taken out because apparently 'No one played HQ."


              They can easily add more game types, even at the cost of taking some out that are already in the playlist, they just refuse to do so.

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                  Re: Ground War For Ghosts

                  One of the MOST REQUESTED things in COD over the past few years has been to have MORE customization to your character and to have a female to play as.


                  I myself think that it is an absolutely idiotic as I agree that I personally do not care what my on screen character looks like.


                  Now I am going to address your points on the game modes you were talking about.


                  CTF, Demo, HQ, Merc all were VERY low player number games and over the past 3-4 games there were around 1500-2000 people playing them at any given time. They NEEDED to go. They were just "filler" modes that people only played to either get certain camos/perks or the only mode they played.

                  Now you say something about them not touching Domination. This statement makes ZERO sense as next to TDM, it is the MOST POPULAR MODE in the game.


                  You then go on to mention "pros". First off there are no such thing as "pros" when it comes to videos games. That statement has always made me laugh. Also most of the ideas that the MAJORITY of the community hates come from ideas to help the "competitve" or "eSports" side of the game.


                  While I agree that there are some modes that simply need to be removed, the new modes that the developers put in won't ever be taken out. The ones that I would remove would be Hunted, Infected, and Team Tactical. I never see more than 2,000 people playing these and honestly I couldn't see anyone having fun playing 4v4 on these huge maps in team tactical.

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                      Re: Ground War For Ghosts

                      Lol. Again, I've played CoD for almost 8 years, and out of all the time i've acquired I've never heard any of the the probably hundred of thousands of people I've Played with or against go "Hmm, I sure wish that the solider I was playing looked different than the rest of my team."


                      As someone who played HQ religiously in CoD4, I remember when 12k people were in the playlist.

                      As someone who played HQ and CTF in Black Ops 2, There were 8k people playing HQ up until about a month before ghosts, and probabaly half that in CTF.

                      Filler modes? Are you kidding? Look at what they have in now? Other than SnR none of the new game modes have more players than the ones they took out.

                      Heavy Team, or what ever its called? Has like 2k people. Hunted, I've never seen it above 2k people. Like I said, they advertised more game modes and bigger maps for the Xbox One, gutting half the game modes was a PR stunt to try and force people to next Gen, but even then, the game doesn't even get much better on Next Gem than it does on Current Gen.


                      I made the example of Dom because it's the only Actual OBj game they didn't touch and left in the game. TDM is just a camp fest of slayer, and thats it.


                      Pros. Reading your comment made me feel like I was back in 2002. Theres been Pro Gamers for a while.  Look at League of Legends, Look at Starcraft, Look Counterstrike, all have Organizations for Pro Players.  Pro Players, or "Cyber Atheletes," if you want to call them that are even getting Vias to play in the US, just like Pro Baseball or Football players get.


                      Do you realize what the majority of the community is? Young kids, of course they don't want any competitive ideas in the game, because then it will get too challenging for them, as it is, most of them can barley handle the challenge of making it to one end of a map before the game ends.  As someone who played GB for years until MW2 completely ruined the entire genre of CoD, having the game be balanced around competitive would only be a step in the right direction.

                      You will probably disagree, because you don't like balance, but when it comes to competitive, balance is key, and that's something ghosts really needs is just straight balance.

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                          Re: Ground War For Ghosts

                          All competitive, MLG, esports, gamebattles rules are for are for the whiny cry babies who can't adapt to what the developers put in the game and learn strategies around it. It has gotten so bad that CERTAIN GUNS aren't allowed. I mean REALLY? You say these "pro" gamers are the elite and everyone would benefit, but it's the OPPOSITE of what would happen.


                          Can you imagine if the director of the NBA said "The crossover is OP because it gives the dribbler an advantage over the defender, so we now have to ban it". This is EXACTLY what these so called "pros" do.

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                              Re: Ground War For Ghosts

                              For Whiny Crybabies? I don't think so, I doubt any of the young kids who play this game really know what E-sports or Gamebattles is.


                              Guns have been banned for a few years, if IW balanced their weapons better, there wouldn't be a need.  The only guns I ever remember seeing banned are 3 shot bursts... The type from MW3 and the MsBs in Ghosts because it had the ability to constantly 1 burst people.


                              Ill just refer to "GB, MLG, E-sports," as Competitive from here on out.


                              Competitive is supposed to be all about weapon skill.  There was a point where you weren't allowed to have killstreaks, and it was just you, you're team, you're weapon and maybe a few concussions and a lethal grenade.  As someone who watches Competitive CoD, more than half the people wouldn't watch it if it had normal Pub lobby rules. If they don't ban that one broken weapon, thats all you will see. Before they nerfd the MSBS thats all you saw anyways, regardless of map size was that 1 shot burst weapon, that turned into a 2 shot kill with single fire on it, and killed faster than any other gun in the game with full auto.


                              Back in MW3, I was in a clan that did battalion League, every Saturday.  This was basically different branches of the clan, vs different branches of the clan.  Despite being set up like MLG, it didn't have any rules in tersm of banning, killstreaks, etc. It was really bad. Playing CTF with all 3 defenders on the other team having portable radars.  Damage Strikets, 1 shot burst weapons, Killstreaks, etc.


                              Bannign things makes the game more competetive, and at the same time gives you less at your hand to kill the enemy with.  You need to make you're shots count, and can't depend on Killstreaks, or sitting in a corner with an IED like half you kids do.


                              You can't compare a crossover in Basketball to Call of Duty. A Crossover is a technique, banning a weapon because of a balance issue, is exactly that, a balance issue.

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                      Re: Ground War For Ghosts

                      likewise, but i do understand what the other person was talking about. I know many friends that like the idea of character customization, until they realized what is was being replaced for.

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                        Re: Ground War For Ghosts

                        Greetings WillyWonka2012,


                        Thank you for posting! Activision is constantly looking for new ways to improve the gaming experience. In regards your request for Ground Wars, I will be submitting your feedback to the appropriate parties. We appreciate any feedback provided in order to improve the game.




                        ATVI Support

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