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    You love sniping, then READ FOR SNIPER SERVERS!

      Hello everyone, I know the biggest complaint in Call Of Duty is that they have no designated sniper lobbies. Well back in the end of Black Ops, I started hosting Public Sniper Lobbies with my friends and it's a blast. I did this in every Call Of Duty since. I think that I should do this in Ghost because people love sniping, but this game needs some friendly excitement and a fun way to rank up. If you'd like to be apart of these Public Sniper Lobbies then you could add me, and message me about sniper lobbies. My gamertag is Cellphone Bills.


      My Rules For Sniper Lobbies and I'm Strict about them.


      No Marksman Rifles

      No Tacticals

      No Lethals But Throwing Knives

      No Killstreaks But Support And Specialist

      No Spraying Please..

      Try Not To Hardscope..

      SNIPERS ONLY!!!!!


      Do not rage and pull out secondaries or other guns. Don't ruin it for everyone else.

      I don't care if you record for clips for fellow Youtubers and clan members. I do these lobbies for fun.

      I set up lobbies in Gametypes that I like and everyone else can enjoy. I select the teams.

      If your interested then add me, again my gamertag is Cellphone Bills. And tell your friends, spread the word. Now lets make Call Of Duty Ghost interesting everyone.

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