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    (Xbox One) E.S.O.C.C.T Clan is recruiting

      Hello and good evening, afternoon or morning players.


      I am currently recruiting for my Clan E.S.O.C.C.T (Elite Special Operations Combat Control Team). I will admit this is a new clan as I have just recently created it. I am searching for people to help me level it up and do Clan Wars. As it is, I do not require you to have a high K/D, I do not require you have a high W/L. All I require is that you be MATURE and Active.  If anyone would like to join please feel free to send me an in-game msg, a friend request or you can search the clan on the CoD Ghosts App.


      I am only recruiting for Xbox One members currently, Sorry other users, I would like to communicate other than typed msgs.


      Anyways, hit me up and Happy Killing.


      GT: Braff Zackland