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    The Michael Meyers Field Order makes Fog cheesy.

      On the surface... the Michael Meyers field order reward seem kinda cool. But the more I think on it, the more I don't like it.


      Fog looks like a great map.


      Picture it,  you're in the middle of a tense bout of HC Dom in the midst. of dank mists shrouding the map in a gloomy, low lit haze. And then...

      ... uhhh...

      ... Halloween?

      There goes suspension of disbelief.

      Immersion on/OFF.

      Listen... I know it's just a game... and COD is not military simulation.

      ... but...

      ... how far from being a gritty, fast paced shooter is the series going to go?

      This takes what looks like a really cool map... and makes it cheesy.

      COD may have just jumped the shark.

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