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    HAVOC_ELITE Recruiting Now LVL 19 (360/One) Clan Wars starting in two days- Roster locks tomorrow!

      HAVOC_ELITE is now recruiting.  We are currently looking for active members that play on a regular basis.  We are competitive and above all play to win, if this is something that you’re looking for you can hit me up on XBL HAVOCxTayLeNa.


      All recruits looking to join can also apply on our website havocelite.enjin.com. Username on website must be your gamer tag as this is how you will be listed as a member once accepted.


      ·         Clan Level 17


      ·         60+ Members


      ·         Must have a K/D of 1.0+


      ·         Must have a mic


      ·         Clan Tag HOAX(HavocOverAllXistence)


      ·         Available to participate in Clan Wars


      ·         Flexible to play both HC and Core during Clan Wars


      “Wreckin Havoc”


      “Havoc Over All Xistence”