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    Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

      I think the main reason that you guys are complaining so much is because Ghosts takes more skill than the other call of duty games.


      You guys have literally complained about EVERYTHING. The worst part is that you guys complain about things in Ghosts that have been in all other COD games such as trigger explosives, spawns, OP killstreaks, OP weapons, bad maps, etc. Complaints about the IEDs are dumb. There has always been a trigger explosive that blows you up if you run around like an idiot. Spawns have always been crappy. At least there are not anymore OP killstreaks like AC130, reaper, chopper gunner to spawn kill you. The weapons are the most balanced they have ever been. There are no Type 95(MW3), famas(BLOPs), M16(COD4) type OP weapons. The maps are great. 4 small, 4 medium, 4 large.


      So like I was saying, the only reason you could possibly complain so much about this game is just simply because you are not as good at ghosts as past CODs. I experience this too. My K/D used to be above 2 and now I rock a 1.5 but just because I do worse does not mean there is something wrong with the game. I know that what I said above is subjective but overall it is an unbiased review of the game in comparison to previous CODs. I think you guys really just need to chill with all the whining. It is getting old real fast.

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