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    The GOOD and BAD of CoD: Ghost

      This, in my opinion, are the best and the worst things about CoD Ghost. Lets start with the good

      1. Weapon balancing.

      I personally think that Ghost has the BEST balancing of all CoDs. There arent ANY weapons that I have found that dominate everything else so FAR. The perks are also VERY well balanced. Maybe Amplify is a little OP, but the whole new system of each perk costing a certain amount of points is brilliant, due to the fact that that better perks cost more.


      2. Duel rendering snipers.

      Duel rendering snipers is an awesome idea and I think it looks great. It makes it so snipers can still see around themself while sniping, it also makes it so they can still see the minimap. It also makes it MUCH more realistic looking.


      3. Big maps.

      This could be something that not everyone agrees with, but I personally LOVE the bigger maps. A majority of the maps are a combination of Long range and Short range areas. Now, there are a few problems about Big maps that I will talk about later in the post.


      4. Extinction

      Extinction has got to be one of my FAVORITE things about Ghost. It is very original and a great way to compete against Zombies. I have played it for about 10 hours and I have prestiged twice and I'm still having fun whenever I play it.


      5. Campaign.

      I personally thought that the campaign was far superior to that of BO2 or MW3.

      6. New engine.

      I really like the features of the new engine. The graphics seem ALOT better then that of MW3 and a little better then BO2.


      7. Great new features.

      Sliding, dynamic maps, and field orders are just a few of the new features in CoD Ghost. I don't understand people who say that Ghost is exactly the same as MW2. There isTONS of new stuff.


      Now then, lets get to the bad...


      1. Lag

      To me, this would be my favorite FPS ever if it didnt have so much damn lag!!! Like seriously, I shoot my gun 10 times and the killcam only shows me shooting once or twice? BS


      2. Spawns.

      The spawns are HORRENDOUS! I have been spawned behind someone and same with them to me. Its annoying and should be fixed by now.


      3. Big maps.

      This is both a good and a bad do to the fact that the idea of bigger maps is great, and some of the maps they nailed, but at least half of the maps are a big huge cluttered mess with countless camping spots. If a map is going to be big and only be able to hold 12 people on it, then they need to be WAY more open.


      3. Squads.

      I don't know how many are gonna agree with me on this, but I think leveling up by going against bots is pretty cheap.


      4. Knifing

      I like how knifing takes alot longer to do and actually shows an animation, but the fact that you can still commando lunge kind of annoys me. Also, I have lunged across the map and hit someone but I have also missed a knife at point blank range.


      Overall. CoD: Ghost is NOT the best CoD, but it certainly isnt the worst. Several things I feel should be fixed, and im still waiting for the Dedicated servers, but otherwise this is a CoD That I will stick to for awhile