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    Why I think big maps have benefited this game.


      In my eyes big maps have really made this game really enjoyable.


      I actually think big maps have forced more gun on gun combat and offered players a variety. If you look at Black Ops 2. How can anyone say the maps on that game are better than this game? I mean you basically had explosives, EMPs and a whole of host of spawn problems that really made the maps rather awful.


      In Ghosts the maps are bigger which allows everyone to have a good time. It also makes people think which is something not many do. For example if you play Stone Haven, you can easily traverse the map as a run and gun player quite easily.


      You just need to know the following:


      Flank Routes

      Where the cover is posited and how beneficial it is.

      Where snipers will commonly be

      The mentality of not going back for the person who killed you


      Many might be wondering what I meant by my last point. In these maps going back to try and kill someone who killed you isn't going to work unless you play tactically and think about your approach. Quite often I see the same people trying to kill someone who's at the back of the castle sniping. Why go back multiple times to kill that one person? It just lets them rack up kills.


      Also taking it slightly slower than the previous game is essential. I like to run and gun quite often but I do it more tactfully now than when I played BO2.


      Overall this game in my eyes is great and I shudder to think what BO3 or whatever it is, is going to be because they'll like have another CQC game.


      I think this game has created equality for those who love to snipe and for those who love CQC combat, you've got a great mix and while some maps are really big, you do have at least 6 or 7 medium maps and a couple of small maps.

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          These maps are complex and that doesnt sit well with many, many who played BO2 and only had to deal with three areas, middle, and two flanking sides. Now they have to worry about every and all direction, angle and space. That is why they complain, they lack the awareness factor of how they play the game, all they see is forward.

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            I have to agree.  I like the maps.  I do, however, think that their complexity has discouraged a number of casual players but I don't know if that is such a bad thing.  It probably is a bad thing from a sales perspective but I think that the community needed a little herd thinning.  You know what I don't see popping up this year are the I got trolled threads.  It must be too difficult to block someone in a corner when you have so much space to work with.  I won't say that the skill gap is any different than in previous titles but I believe that the maturity gap may have tightened up a little and we can thank the maps for that.

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              Thanks guys for your comments, keep em' coming

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                I think the game mode that you play has is a huge factor as to wither or not the maps are good. For example Blitz is smashing fun and fast on smaller maps, but defense-fests on the larger maps. I think that most objective game modes play out like that.

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                  There isn't a map in this game that I do not like. In every other previous game, there were maps I simply refused to play. One that leaps to mind from BO2 was "cargo". I hated that map.

                  I like the bigger maps in Ghosts.

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                    I have to agree, when I first started playing this game, I got owned. I was so used to slamming up and down maps racking up fast kills, that when I got in this game it did not work at all. You can still do a fair share of running, but you have to be much more tactful. I love the fact that I can now take on the realism of a long range sniper, swap out a gun and destroy in coming enemy to my area using a duck and move approach.


                    These are the best maps in my opinion of any CoD game, the environments allow for you to use many aspects of the map, there is so much to look at, and really there are not too many camping around the corner issues, if you use high points, windows, openings. Blend in the equipment you been given to use no one should complain about a camper, besides to me it makes the game that more fun and challenging.


                    Play the map, not the player, and don't kill and run, the spawns will jump you right in the back, pay attention to your radar, allow time to create opportunistic kills. Look for trends in player movement on each map.

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                      The only map in this game that I really dont like is Whiteout. Its just a bad, bad map with bad spawns and bad killing lanes. I really don't even try on this map, just equip my M27/thermal and find a spot. Listening to the community and giving us a wide variety of maps was a good move, especially after BO2 didn't try at all to give us a single good map.