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    Workout Songs

      Hello to the wonderful people of the Off Topic Forum. Haven't been active in this forum as much as I should have (enjoying what I have seen so far). Thank you for welcoming me into the fold(Or at least faking it).


      So, I am taking the walk in a few months (getting married), and need to get back into a shape other than round.


      Not looking for workout advice, rather wondering if anyone has suggestions for some good workout music to add to my repertoire. I have a vast collection of music, was even a DJ for a short time, so I have a variety. I listen to just about anything.


      Looking for upbeat, energetic, motivating music... as I absolutely have to be listening to something whilst working out. Any suggestions? Ideas?


      Perhaps even out of the normal realm... like Audiobooks or Podcasts... all suggestions are welcome.

      And please, Don't spare the animated GiFs on my behalf.


      Working out