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    I'm So Tired Of All The Racism On COD... Are You?

      Is it just me, or is it on every COD so far the is always racism. To be honest it really saddens me to know that some people still feel that colour is an issue and even yet the fact people judge what ethnicity you are simply by the sound of your voice *covers face*. Yes you could say mute them but if im not mistaken COD is a team based game and we have mics in order to communicate with one another as a team. im a team player but i tend to lose games because either most players don't have a mic (not a big problem as its not a requirement) bu also because i have to mute those that do because i have insults thrown at me after a simple "someones above you" :/ like really? Search and Destroy and Search and Rescue being the fan favorite for racism as that is the one game mode most have mics.


      Seriously i think all the producers being Infinityward and Treyarch need to bring in a system to report people for such verbal abuse, yes its online gaming and banter is a regular thing i do like to have a laugh and a joke but when people begin to use vulgar language along with such crude insults it does boggle my mind.


      Simply its an idea but can we not just have options to report boosters, hackers etc but also racial because its an ongoing problem within many online games.


      Rant over...

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