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        10. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

        Ghosts is better.


        blops2 all the maps looked like my 7 year old had painted them.


        you had little kids running around with a  pistol or sniper the game was a mess.


        I played it for 12 months I can't count the number of times we went and played the old cod games just to have some fun... blops was a game made for little kids long may it stay in the box.


        I can't believe all the people that come on here and say blops was a good game can you all not remember all the posts on this very site saying fix your game bigger maps nurf this and that emp op every post was op this op that.


        Ghosts has it right for me my only problems are the spawns and cheats but its still a great game.


        Thanks for reading this is my opinion on ghosts v blops2.

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          11. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

          I prefer Ghosts for the most part. My game style has me moving around the map with as much stealth as possible and I find that the more complicated map design allows me to do that more efficiently. I really liked BO2...but I'll admit that the more cartoonish simplicity In the maps got old pretty quick.


          Having said that, there's also something about Ghosts that has me believing that it may also get old pretty fast.

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            12. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

            It's all personal opinion but I much prefer ghosts. I played BO2 for about a month but just didn't like the feel of it, the maps, guns, and the sound fx were terrible for me. It also has that futuristic / cartoony  type graphics which don't appeal to me either. put that together with kills that seem very random all the time (dead before you see your enemy, but in kill cam they're right in front of you), too many negatives.


            Really enjoying ghosts so far, particularly squads / prestige system and customisation of soldier.

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              13. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

              It is all personal preference. Anyone who says this game or that game was better, it stating their opinion as fact. Arrogance.


              Personal Pref between the two:


              I prefer playing Ghosts. Although I like the scorestreak system (in principal) over the current and past killstreak systems, this is not a step backwards.  The two dev teams have always had a difference in philosophy on how streaks have been obtained (well since MW2 at least) and have always diverged. So no, it is not a step backwards (on that note, many would have said that BO2 was a step backwards from MW3 with streaks, considering there was no support streaks, and no streaks per class customization). Again, two different camps doing two different things.


              I say "in principal" on scorestreaks for this reason: I have always hated the 1:1 killstreak stacking, but BO1 had zero stacking which, although I preferred it over 1:1 stacking, found it to be lacking.  The way scorestreaks worked was good, but one could manipulate the system to get an insane amount of score for doing very little (Cap a flag, throw an EMP at the enemy and destroy equipment as well as get assist points for everyone that gets killed after being in the insane blast radius). It was a bit much sometimes (still an opinion)


              On maps: I prefer Ghosts as well.  I was getting tired of the small-map-3-lane-I-can-spawn-trap-you-all-day nonsense (that is an opinion of course).  9v9 is required on the bigger maps so PS4 GW is nice.


              optimally, a streak per class system that :

              - does not reward you 1:1 on streak kills

              - stacks by score, but assist and defend scores to be toned down a bit

              - has a tiered support streak (meaning if you die you start the tier over and does not just keep going - many people discussed this in MW3)


              ....would be a step in the right direction (opinion), as it would encourage objective as well as gun-on-gun play, and the desire to stay alive if one chooses a support class.

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                14. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                Ghost is a step forward


                Bo2 was fun for what it offered, but Ghost its complexity and balance = superior game.


                Question: I see you defending Bo2 and saying good things about it, there is a Bo2 forum go tell them how you feel.

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                  15. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                       All the maps were two ends, with three paths.  You had a 1/3 chance of guessing where the enemy was coming from.  Every map, you ran to the other side of the map, trying to kill the other team as they spawned, flipped spawns, and repeated.  The maps that were different (drone, turbine) never got voted for.  I had my fun in BO2, but all the maps felt and played the same to me.

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                    16. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                    Agree with you on all your points

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                      17. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                      The ideas in black ops 2 were better, but the actual game play mechanics mainly hit detection of Ghosts, mainly hit detection, blow black ops 2 away.

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                        18. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                        That's like asking someone which brand of peanut butter they like better. It all comes to personal preference. Since COD4 all the games have been similar with different added things. I like both games equally. I like BLOPS2 for the fact of the zombies. Much better than the extinction. I like the ghosts multiplayer better for the fact that it doesn't take a half a clip to kill an enemy on core anymore. They both play similar. It all comes down to what style of gameplay you like better and what are you looking for in a COD game. Maps are more complex in ghosts which allow for people to play more to their own style. BLOPS2 is a more fast paced shooter. Enjoy them both, that's what I do. I can't really tell you if I like one better than the other. PEACE!!

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                          19. Re: Whats Better Ghosts Or BO2?

                          I did like the BO2 streak system better but I also thought that BO2 took a step back when they didn't include customizable killstreaks for each class.  As to which game is better, quite frankly I've played them both for more hours than any person should.  I do like the hit detection and sounds better in Ghosts but I liked the number and lethality of the scorestreaks better in BO2.  The playstyle of each game is quite different and I like both of them for what they are.  I really don't know if I can pick a favorite.  I like Zombies over Extinction but I do like Extinction.  However, I like Squads over the BO2 bots even though those BOTs were pretty good in BO2.

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